Barbie Doll: Product Specifications

It’s no secret I had a thing for Barbies as a little girl.  Yes, I used past tense. I’m the author here.  Whether I enjoy playing with my niece’s Barbies is none of your business.  Find your inner child.

Ok.  So I listed out the fifty fab actions ladies should expect from their Ken Doll friends, or even special edition mates… we’ll look at what should be expected of us ladies.

Men, know that a real woman does these things.  Without asking, prompting, showing.  If she doesn’t, maybe she needs help, coaxing, advising from her Ken Doll pal to step her game up. Let’s get right for each other.

I got a little distracted while trying to do the Ken Doll list, so for Barbie let’s just say this is all about your special limited edition.  E.g., the one and only for which the Ken and Barbie androgynous special parts fit specially together.

Barbie Product Specifications: If your Barbie Doll fails to perform any of the following Fifty Fab Actions please return to the manufacturer with proof of purchase.

  1. Enjoy life
  2. Be positive, optimistic and proactive
  3. Showcase her beauty to its fullest
  4. Be supportive
  5. Take care of herself
  6. Dress up
  7. Smell wonderful
  8. Cook/bake/bartend
  9. Clean
  10. Decorate
  11. Follow
  12. Be caring; gracious; graceful; strong
  13. Be sexy; seductive; inviting
  14. Be vulnerable; clear; open
  15. Be brilliant; resourceful; creative
  16. Rub your back
  17. Hold your hand
  18. Kiss your head
  19. Catch your eye
  20. Touch you gently
  21. Guide you subtly
  22. Expect your best
  23. Give her best
  24. Listen with an open, retentive mind
  25. Talk with a gentle tongue
  26. Act with purpose
  27. Love without fear
  28. Correct you privately
  29. Praise you; Celebrate you
  30. Remember and do what you like
  31. Know what she wants
  32. Do what she likes
  33. Honor you
  34. Respect you
  35. Challenge you
  36. Encourage your growth
  37. Be fun
  38. Be spontaneous
  39. Refresh your drink
  40. Make your plate
  41. Provide a sense of order
  42. Give you an eyeful
  43. Flirt
  44. Help you relax
  45. Give you space
  46. Celebrate life; Success; Challenges; Holidays; life
  47. Be free
  48. Appreciate, and do the little things
  49. Understand what you’re saying
  50. Let you play with her.  Did I ever claim this wasn’t fun?

Is that about right?

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