Ain’t no sunshine…

I’m thinking we need a better system.  Call me crazy, but in a world where people can complete accurate impromptu reenactments of horrifying music videos (choreography included) but can’t recall propositions… Ness dehotmessdedness.

It angers me that we are so passive, complacent, ineffective and arrogant as a people.  I don’t do shame but until my birthday (November 5th) 2 years ago I was not a proud American.

Too many of us are close-minded, judgmental, slovenly, consumption-addicted, gluttonous, ignorant, dispassionate, selfish, tunnel-blinded patriots with no appreciation for our privileges and less responsibility for our power.

So I’m thinking, since Dancing With The Stars, online training, Facebook, email, and cell phones are so darned important and poverty is so last year… Maybe we should try doing a cuppa thangs differently.

Like what? You ask.

A couple of Cali girls spent more than $140 million losing their respective races and annoying us with their crappy sleaze commercials… Do you know that’s more than two hundred and eighty times the amount of money spent in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country to keep kids from dying?

I know, I know.

Until eradicating poverty is proved to be both more profitable and less of a threat to power than sustaining it, let’s just let the billions of humans who live and die in poverty ride with it.  It’s not like they matter anyway.  When was the last time you saw one of them on tv or in the news?  Fighting and dying in wars doesn’t count.

Let’s get wild.

Flatten campaign spending.

Y’all raise X amount-no more and no less and get crazy with it.  Imagine, candidates might have to actually demonstrate leadership capacity and engage voters instead of blasting the airwaves with smear campaigns for all the lazy tv-land lovers.

Yep.  I start thinking up hilarious and drastic alternatives when my hackles rise.

Por ejemplo:  The government likes prisons, technology, regulation and advertising so d–n much… Why not impose, for 24 hours before polls open and up until their closing…

Voter’s info lockdown.

Just think…

You go to use your cell phone and your carrier asks you to first participate in an information session… Turn on the boobtube and the only programming you can get is a training film.  You go to log into gmail and google redirects you to a webinar… Facebook, twitter, same thing.  Maybe even with a cackling bobblehead Dubya on the flash screen for good measure.

The best part?

Only after these factoid, pro-con filled media attacks had been used in every forum connected to your name could you then return to your regularly scheduled brain-draining.

At least then people might know something before they go to play the bubble game at the polls.  Even if someone were able to survive a day without use of their cell, tv, or the internet what’s the worst that would happen?  They might talk to more people than usual?  Those people might make them feel like an outcast for not knowing jack about the elections?


How wildly annoying would that be?  It might could take hours for you to see what so-and-so wore for Halloween!

You know what else is wildly annoying?  Watching kids t-shirt collections from their friends’ funerals grow.  Watching those pesky babies around the world die of hunger while their sisters are sold as sex-slaves, moms get raped and their dads die in wars.

You know, I’m not an advocate of violence in any way shape or form but just so’s you know… It has many forms.

Deadliest is structural violence.  Your local gang has nothing, and I mean nothing on mass incarceration, global economic manipulation and continental usurpation.

‘Ationizing up in this piece all over the place-ation an’ stuff.

I’ll return to my sunshine-dripping, butterfly-kissing, rainbow-loving writing shortly. Until then…

Wake up.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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