15-minute Glamour-gal…

For anyone who knows a lady who wants to look glamorous fast, inexpensively and fuss-free…

I grew up in a household of 8, and being a Daddy’s girl for me meant comfort with wielding power tools, lifting heavy objects and doing the dirty stuff.  I’m no priss and live to enjoy everything nature has to offer whenever my heart feels the need.

My lifestyle requires me to be ready to go to a formal event, community service project, nightclub or meeting at a moment’s notice so I’ve no time for hours of prep, ever.   My signatures are big curly hair, glamorous cat-eye liner and well-lacquered nails (red’s my choice).

By look, I’m very high maintenance.  By practice I’m one of the most easygoing, spontaneous women around.  I refuse to spend more than 15 minutes a day on grooming.

Every woman should know easy ways to make herself look amazing when she wants. Hopefully this helps!


  • Waterproof, smudgeproof, self sharpening black eyeliner (Maybelline and Revlon have great ones)
  • Homemade curl-spray (For all hair types: Fill a spray bottle 3/4 full with warm water and conditioner preferably a yummy smelling one. For dry hair: Add olive oil, and any other kinds of rich conditioning creams or oils you have, .  Shake thoroughly and keep handy.)
  • 1 or 2 inch rollers (Goody Pillowsoft rollers are fantastic.  The color should match your hair, to be as inconspicuous as possible.  No need to scare yourself or anyone else with martian-head.  And no, you don’t get to walk around in public in them. Ever.)
  • Quick-dry nail polish (Maybelline and Cover Girl make great inexpensive ones.)
  • Acetone
  • Cocoa butter (Palmer’s, in a tub)
  • Tea tree oil (Available at Trader Joe’s).

Hair: I wash once a week or as often as my hair tells me it needs it.  This link offers my dear friend D’s GENIUS tips for washing, conditioning, and products, which I follow.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XaBpvOElmbNgBgl2SVZxG9ic_E_MMG3txlYJtUZ5MWg/edit?hl=en&authkey=CLPriaAD&pli=1#)

After washing, I style in a 4-braid updo (farther below) which takes about 15 minutes to do, just before I go to sleep.  Styling between washes takes about 15 minutes a day before sleeping.  5 on waking.  The only time I need a mirror is to check the outcome when I’m done, which makes styling very convenient.

Hair should always feel soft, no matter the style.  I always air dry my hair, either out in curls or in one of the updo’s listed below.


For very tight curls with lots of texture: With hair loose, use your fingers, starting at the base of your neck, to section off a row of your hair about 1 or 2 inches deep.  Clip or tie the rest of your hair on top of your head loosely to keep it out of the way. Then either take half or a third of your loose hair (depending on its thickness) and spray with your mix.

Use your fingers to comb that section out and wrap from end to root around your choice of roller. Roll down towards your back, not up toward the ceiling. Do the same with the other 1 or 2 sections in that row.  Repeat.

For the hair above your ears and at your crown, roll down toward your ears, not toward your face or back.  If you want a part, roll away on either side. When done, you should have a 1 or 2 roller-deep row going across from one ear to the other, and another 2 or 3 deep row perpendicular from those, from your crown down.

Go to sleep. 🙂

Or, do whatever you would in your home for 3 or 4 hours. When you wake or finish, remove the rollers one by one.  Then, rub 1 pump of glossing serum onto your palms.

Rub this all over your curls like you were petting a cat.  Then run your fingers through your hair slowly, to comb, style, and separate curls as you like.

You’ll have tiny, tight ringlets that will withstand hours of dancing, workouts, etc. You can pull one or both sides back with pins or combs, or add a headband.

Each night, before you go to sleep roll your hair again.  It should take 15 minutes when you’re used to it.

If you’d like tamer, bouncier curls you can use larger rollers, curl your hair first using an electric curling iron and only use one spritz of your spray.  Only do this once after your weekly washing.


My updo’s involve braids.  1, 2 or 4, it’s the easiest and most reliable way for me to pull my incredibly thick hair up.

4-braid updo: After washing, I prefer to use this style which takes ten minutes, so I can let my hair dry naturally without waiting.  It’s much more tame after.  The following night I’ll do the curl style above before bed, which only takes me 15 minutes.

Loosely section detangled, freshly washed and conditioned damp hair into four parts (You can have a clean side or middle part near your crown, but no other clean parts, we’re not 3 anymore.)  Using a soft bristle brush, take the top right section and brush the hair gently down toward your ears.  Braid the hair and if needed, secure the end with a no-break black rubber band.

Repeat for the other three areas.  When finished remove bands and arrange braids as you like, securing with bobby pins or tucking braids into each other. If needed, tie a scarf around your head to get a smooth, sleek look.

Go to sleep. 🙂

You can do the same with 2 or three braids.  Adding flowers, headbands, or clips can liven this up for a night out.

One-braid updo: Use your fingers to comb through your hair, then gather it all into one hand, leaving the hair around the crown loose.

Softly brush hair from the base of the neck up toward the crown, and from your ears back toward your neck.  Recapture any loose hairs and braid all the hair in your hand together without using any bands.

Then, tuck the end of the braid into the base of the braid to secure it.  With the loose hair around your crown, you can curl it, pin it, add a headband, or tuck behind your ears and smooth it down with a tie.

Nails: Bring rapid dry nail polish into the car with you and paint them before you get on the road for your drive.  It’s brilliant, because you’re really not doing anything that will damage the paint.  I do this as often as my fingernails chip, even daily.  Acetone quickly removes the paint for a full mani/pedi.

Eyeliner: Blot your lids to remove any excess oil.  Holding your eye taught in the outer corner, line the top lid as thick or thin as you’d like, extending the line no more than 1/2 centimeter past your eye.

From the outer corner, draw a shorter line to connect to the end of the first to create a triangle.  Cocoa butter quickly removes liner.

Tea tree oil: While pungent, it works wonders as a toner, or spot treatment. Dab a bit with water or without as needed wherever you want.  I rub all over my face after applying cocoa butter daily.

Glamour girls unite!!! And go have fun!!! 🙂

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