Tender cheesy corn.

Disclaimer:  I’m totally overflowing with love an’ stuff.  I am a nessdehotmessdedness and proud of it.  So I had like, a daydream, totally hypothetical you know… But it’s incredibly sappy and corny.  So if you get turned off by glorious poetry that makes Roses are red, violets are blue look like a Dunbar lyric, please look away now.

Thank you for playing.

For the rest of you…  I encourage you to smile, laugh hysterically, roll your eyes, what have you with the Kogi tender twice marinated bbq I offer below.

I dreamt about the perfect man for me… He would be incredibly sexy, intelligent and caring.  Built like an Adonis, classically handsome.

He would rub my feet when they ached… Cook me soup and take care of me when I was sick… Sing to me about how much he loved me and shout it for everyone to hear… He would do the most thoughtful things… All without my asking, to make me smile.

He would stare at the stars with me and listen to the wind.  He would turn himself inside out for me to see, understand, love deeper.  He would be trustworthy, a leader to follow.  I would turn to him for direction, for support, for help.  He would soothe me, inspire me, excite me, challenge me.

He would have family and friends who loved him.  He would be positive, hard-working, loyal, sensitive, funny and sweet.

He would dance with me like we were made for each other.  Listen to me like he’d known no other.

He would always, always find a way to take care of me, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and the mundane to magic.  He would let me in and never let me out.

He would adore and revere me, and in respect, turn to me for guidance second: God first… Unless he needed reminding…

We would love in love, with the peaceful certainty that we would weather and grow from any challenge we faced together or apart.  He would hold me close and make me feel safe and protected when fear attacked.  He would delight in me and I in him.

We would laugh until we cried, cry until we laughed, fallen tears kissed. Everyday we would learn more about each other, falling deeper.

He would remind me of who I am when my mirror is obscured,  enshrouded.  His spirit would laugh and dance and play and grow with mine.

Daydreaming is wonderful.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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