Humility and gratitude.


I’m learning that my purpose here is not my own.  That I’m in use for a greater good and my earthly challenges are by the very fact of their existence, fleeting, insubstantial and defenseless against that greater good. It’s like I’m a character in an amazing video game of life and my features and weapons are my talents and gifts.

Stuff gets real easy from that perspective.

You don’t see Lara Croft stopping in front of a monster to say, “HOLY CRAP!  What am I gonna do?”  Then crying, climbing back into bed with a tub of ice cream to mope.  Ain’t no move for that one.

She stands still until you give her the command.

Then commences to tushy-whoopin’.


And, as empowering as that may sound it’s also really flippin’ humbling. Because how seriously can you take the stuff in your life, or even yourself if you’re a video game character.  Really?


That being said, I love and cherish every little gift in that game.  Drinking in and savoring life’s treasures are like the energy or extra ammo icons you grab or hit.

I’m grateful that last night I danced under the stars to Michael Buble’s “Feelin’ Good.”

Grateful that I was able to love inside out, exchanging words of passion with someone I’m privileged to love, who loves and honors me.

Grateful we were able to exchange I love you’s and mean it.

Grateful that I awoke in the middle of the night to the pit-pat of my cat’s running feet and feel of him leaping onto my tummy purring after his great escape from sequestering.

Grateful to wake this morning to clear blue skies, in abundance so great I was able to share my food with another.

Grateful to be able to spread ginger souffle body cream on my hands and inhale its sweet fragrance.

Grateful to have friends who share, who love, who care.

Grateful to live with a sense of purpose, drive, and zeal.

Grateful to be able to write.

So, I put on my pretty church dress, pearl earrings and shine.  🙂

What are you grateful for?  Hint: It’s something simple you probably took for granted.

Grab that extra ammo and let’s shine.

And kick monster-tushy. 😛

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