The ‘ama’s: Os and Ob.

The ama’s: Os and Ob.

The same day I recovered from my first bout of food poisoning, I sat, stunned and disgusted as another wave of sickness washed over me and body revolted.  There, on the television screen in front of me the leader I once admired for his divinely inspired wisdom and apparent reverence of love, of humanity, of life… Was announcing with grim pride that he had ordered the murder of another human being and “succeeded”.  To make matters worse, images of celebratory gatherings across the nation followed, along with an interview of gentleman who ironically, repeatedly praised the president by comparing him to his predecessor.

This, while elections loom.

This, while a baby, not one month old yet sleeps in her mother’s arms, her grandmother, father and loved ones observing with disgust.

My eyes filled with tears as I boiled inside and thought, maybe we need to be shaken out of complacency.

What man decides who can kill one another?  What crimes qualify for the celebration of murder?  How have we returned to the macabre celebrations of public executions England was known for… Lynchings Americans continue to enjoy?

This, while our nation increases spending on warfare and cuts funding for the poor?

My patriotism returned to me when it seemed America had finally elected a leader compelled by love,  not fear… And now… Now.

Well, at least we got the bad guy! Wiped out evil! Now our nation and our world is more secure.

Except for this: Unlike the good ‘ole States of A’s, terrorists organize in cellular networks specifically so they won’t be weakened by external forces executing their leaders.

And this: Celebrating heads on sticks only angers people.  Especially when it’s one of their own.

How different is it really?

Life and love are too precious to be discarded, mocked, or wielded as political weaponry.

I’m hopeful as I continue to meet more life lovers who agree, and know we will make this world one for our babies to love by making our voices heard and speaking truth to power.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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