A new chapter…

Less than a week into the second half of the year and I’m peacefully settled with the reassurance that even in times of uncertainty, certain things are certain.  So much has happened, and there is so much more to come.

I appreciate your readership so very much, and with this entry will make some minor changes: I’ll be posting weekly instead of whenever I feel like it, and will be encouraging feedback much more.

This week, you get the plan for the next few entries, as my life has changed dramatically this year:

1) I have a new office!  It rocks my world.  And everyone else’s.  People smile and giggle when they walk in.  There’s a turtle and a waterfall and Dr. Seuss.  I’ll offer a virtual tour of the spot soon.

2) In February I decided to change my lifestyle and lose weight.  15 gone, 10 more to go.  The how will be shared, photos are for my man’s eyes only.

3) My home will soon be equipped with a garden and rainwater catchment system.  Oh boy.

4) I’m a believer, and worship through song and dance.

5) I’m writing my grandfather’s biography and have less than a year to produce a first draft.  http://www.blackpast.org/?q=aaw/watkins-ted-1912-1993


The kicker: I’m going to change the world.  Don’t know how.  But that’s what’s going to happen.  So I’m going where life leads me.  Last week, that meant to a gorgeous lakeside retreat with friends, to revel in nature’s glory.

This week, that means to Maryland for the Congressional Black Caucus Boot Camp program.  Here’s why.

Why you are applying for admission to the Boot Camp program:

I am deeply concerned about our future.  We are at a critical confluence of need, resources, power, and reach to make lasting change a reality now.  My purpose is to make life better for those in need and my life’s path is slowly and with certainty, directing me to the means to do so.  The Boot Camp program is a tremendous opportunity to align myself with others working to actualize change.

Comments on your future political plans

While I do not aspire to political office, my position at a major non-profit is the right platform for me to be groomed into a phenomenally powerful advocate to advance the careers of others and execute work in our communities.

My work is centered in the non-profit sector at the Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC), founded by my grandfather Ted Watkins Sr. in 1965, and led now by President/CEO-elect Timothy Watkins Sr., my father. It has been my privilege to work diligently and steadily through the ranks to lead the Development Team.  Together we generate all of the public funding requests and program design for the $15 million worth of services administered to more than 30,000 people living in the most impoverished area of America, Watts.

Watts is a microcosm for what is right and wrong in our nation, and a beacon of hope for change.  WLCAC has the capacity, reach, vision and mission to actually improve the quality of life for those living in poverty: To develop a model for change that will shake the world.

Your view of our nations’ current challenges

What we see today is the same crucible that led to the revolt in 1965:  Leaders and politics are driven by economics, greed, and darkness.  The evidence is all around us in the widening gap between rich and poor and shrinking middle class; Elimination of programs serving the poor, the elderly, the disabled, women and children; Raging wars; Pride and glee on display over the taking of human lives.

Insight on how you would politically approach solutions

Leaders and politics must be driven from a place of universal spiritual alignment, from a value system that values human beings as Earth’s most precious treasures instead of idolizing cash and commodities.  We have allowed the separation of church and state, and imperialist obsession with controlling a global economy destined for failure to break us.  It has dragged the people away from their loving will to fight for what is truly right, for what is truly just, and as a result our nation is on its knees.

The global spiritual community is already united around simple universal truths and it is time for that voice to be heard.  The vast majority of our nation, and global population are a spiritual people and must be uplifted and encouraged to speak truth to power.  To outline the mandates by which our leaders must govern.  To sweep away the shattered images saturating the media, and to return our democracy to a reflection of its people.

Of course, there’s still plenty of love, victuals, rainbows, sunshine, and butterflies for all. 🙂

Any major changes in your life in the past six months?  Any happy constants?  Aging doesn’t count. 

Happy second half of 2011!

One Reply to “A new chapter…”

  1. Glad that you’re going to post more often. Whenever your entries pop up in my Google Reader, I smile. Oh! And I have Dr. Seuss in my office, too. 🙂

    The last 6 months have been extraordinary for me. Started off in January in the hospital with a near death experience to enjoying life in July with every aspect of my life completely balanced and in order. Live, laugh, love is a daily experience, not just a catchy affirmation.

    Like you, I know that I am supposed to change the world and I’ve got some projects coming up that will hopefully do just that. Keep us posted!

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