When they reminisce over you…


I’ve grown up in LA and lived on the same street all my life.  Went to elementary, secondary schools and college in Southern California.  That said, traveling is definitely my thing: New York, New Jersey, Boston, Cambridge, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Michigan, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Arizona, San Francisco, Maui, Oahu, Hawaii, Tijuana, Seattle, Canada, Italy, Paris, London…

In between that travel my rootedness sees my closest friends and family come and go: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, London, Texas.

Maybe for that reason…

Maybe because I trust that when my phenomenal friends  make life-changing decisions, it will be the absolute best thing that could ever happen to them…

Probably because the more strategically placed pals the better my travel options…

I don’t get all fussy about them leaving.  Ok, I’m a crier. And obviously sentimental.  Not gonna lie.  But you’ll get no resistance from me, only a swift self-invite to crash yo’ spot.

Or, in this case a little trip down memory lane.

Cue blubbering, tissue, and impossible Tyler-Perry snot close up please.

A of tons:

You make me smile and giggle.  You give it to me straight.  We’ve shared many a dance floor, many a tear, many a riotous laughing fit together. Lazy afternoon brunches, picnics on the beach, dinners under the stars. We’ve eaten better together than many ever dream, blessed with impossibly, glamorous, exciting, simple fun.  You are intensity, joy, silliness, light, directness, humility, love.  Languid days in Palm Springs, Venice Beach, Downtown LA, Laguna Niguel, Santa Monica, Watts, Culver City, Inglewood, Manhattan Beach, Hollywood…

E of tons:

You make me laugh and roll my eyes.  You give it to me straight, too (surprise, surprise.) We’ve shared many a drink, countless events, friends, and family.  Hilarious game and karaoke nights, debates, ski trips, and random moments.  Our incredible friendship reflects, builds, and uplifts the most divine versions of ourselves.  You are strength, power, vision, spontaneity, style, comedy.  Whirlwind of fun all over Los Angeles, New York, Vegas celebrating life and the love of true friends and family.

You two.

Your advice is invaluable.  Your no-holds-barred, all or nothing approach to life and love inspires me.  I love you both, partly for different reasons and am tickled that I love you for the same reasons:

You are both clear, decisive, determined, fun-loving, self-aware, amazing, brilliant, powerful, charming, charismatic people who know exactly who you are and revel in it proudly.

Thank you for changing my life.  It’s time to make memories in a new place.

I will not miss you, because as mentioned, them self-invites are on the way.

Let the record reflect I’m thinking July 5th.


2 Replies to “When they reminisce over you…”

  1. And let the tears flow…. I love you! Your support is unwavering, as is your friendship. I am beyond grateful for the many laughs, cries, hugs, chats shared and to be shared. You continue to teach me how to be a better person to myself and for others. There is no way I’d ever say goodbye to you.

    Thank you for putting love into words today. You just lifted me from a moment of frustration. But that’s per usual, isn’t it. 🙂

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