5 Holiday joys… And silliness

I LOVE Christmas.

It is the only part of pop-culture (aside from random, bass-heavy hip hop songs with inane lyrics) that makes me truly thankful, deep deep within.  Matter o’ fact, last year we decorated the tree with Sex Love and Money playing in the background.  Oh, the irony.

I am deeply thankful…

  • For 32 years of enjoying special time with family and friends.
  • For watching people act with love, the way we should all year.
  • For seeing care and attention to beauty and detail all around us.
  • For witnessing incredible acts of selflessness and generosity.

That said, there are quite a few more amazing things about the holidays… And some rather hilariously silly not-so amazing things.

In the spirit of laughter and fun, I give you five joys to make your holiday brighter (unless your last name is Scrooge.  In that case, I’ll pray for you.)  Also, five examples of silliness that might bring a few giggles.

Silliness #1: Office protocol.

“Sent Friday Dec. 23 at 12:00pm

Attn: All General Manager, Program Directors, Managers, Supervisors

Holiday Reminder!!

As per Company Policy, employees that are absent the day before and/or the day after our scheduled Christmas and New Year holidays without prior authorization (Approved Request For Time Off) will NOT be paid for the holidays.

Please remind your staff that all Request For Time Off forms must be submitted and approved prior to taking the leave.

Company Holiday schedule is as follows:


Monday, December 26th and Tuesday, December 27th

New Year

Monday, January 2nd and Tuesday, January 3rd

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Executive Manger Human Resources”

Hey.  At least there was a manger involved.

Silliness #2: Gifting etiquette goofs.

I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on Christmas, but I love gifts, put lots of thought and care into gifts given, and feel lots of gratitude, grace and appreciation for any received.   I actually wrap and regift to myself as an exercise in contentment.

Some not-so gracious gift etiquette malfunctions:

  • Pouting (how anyone can be upset about receiving a gift is beyond me.)  
  • Misgiving (there are folks silly enough to not only be careless and confuse gifts… But also point it out and take the gift back.  Wowsa.)  
  • Pitying (we don’t give to receive, and it is wildly awkward to scramble for a return gift if pleasantly surprised by a one-sided exchange.)
  • Regifting (it’s wildly awkward to unintentially share how little you appreciated a gift by accidentally regifting it to the giver.)

Silliness #3: The angry caroler.

“I love singing.  It’s just like talking, except longer and louder and you move your voice up and down.”  – Buddy the Elf

There is little more fun to be had than holding an impromptu caroling session.  There’s always a hilarious barbershop quartet, someone incredibly out of tune… And standing quietly, staring at the words and other carolers with haughty disdain… The angry caroler.  Step up or step out.

Silliness #4:  The leftover bandit.

I can’t be the only one who dreams of leftovers.  I stock up on home-cooked goodness and eagerly count down the moments to post-holiday bliss.  There’s nothing quite like feeling retardedly selfish and stingy when you realize someone’s beaten you to them… And you want to beat them with tinsel.  #Prayerneeds.

Silliness #5: The material spirit.

The main reason I love Christmas, is that in my mind it’s all about love, selflessness, sharing, kindness, and gratitude.  I do live in America.  And I’ve noticed what it means for most.  And that’s sad for them.

Aaaaahhhh… The best part!  Holiday joys.

Joy #1:  Frugality.

Years ago I bought a fake tree as a compromise with an allergic roommate.  Since, I’ve kept the same decorations, lights, etc.  so my little home turns into holiday heaven pretty much for free every year.  I may spend a few dollars on spray paint to paint pretty branches silver or gold, or buy a strand of twinkle lights or two.  Gifts are on a strict budget, and quite frankly, if I can’t think of something that would truly be appreciated I’ll give my time instead.  No, I don’t really have a choice in the matter. But quite frankly, when I do, the simple approach helps keep the holidays grounded and real.

Joy #2:  Lights.

Lights, or people who shine a little brighter than most, become blindingly brilliant during this time… And everyone shines brighter than usual.  By the by, it would not surprise me to learn insurance skyrockets around the holidays because of distracted drivers.  It is all I can do to not slow to a crawl and gawk at every little twinkling bulb I pass while driving down a street.  My own little yard has a simple display (frugal fun) but goodness! Am I glad for neighborly light treats.

Joy #3:  Spirits.

Holiday spirits are high.  This makes me happy.  Holiday dranks are good.  Drink with an “i” is a non-alcoholic beverage.  Dranks have grown-up juice in them.  This makes me heppy.  Somehow, all the recipes are just glorious.  Spicy notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves… Frosty confections and warm mugs, yum!

I’m trying out peppermintinis this year.


Cranberry Ciroc Vodka


Candy cane

Fresh mint leaves

Fresh cranberries

To make One Peppermintini: Muddle a bit of candy cane, 9-10 mint leaves, and 3-4 cranberries in a glass.  Add ice, 1 oz vodka, shake.  Pour through strainer into chilled martini glass.  Top off with champagne. Garnish with one cranberry, one mint sprig, candy cane. 😀

Joy #4: Nourishment.

The feeling of love and abundance in this time feeds and nourishes our souls.  Plus… Holiday food tastes better for the same reason soup works so well when you’re sick: There’s love in it.  Everything is made with twice as much care, effort and concern.  I’ve yet to have holiday food that wasn’t scrumptious.

Joy #5: Love.

Love is the light in our eyes, the lift of our souls. The touch of our hands the drank in our bowls.

Waaaaitaminute.  Focusing.

I mean to say, love is everything.

That is what makes the holidays wonderful.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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