Why it’s good to be wrong

I’m a pretty cool chick.  I love fiercely and deeply, and am a happy camper who knows how to have fun, and is often found in situations where my leadership matters.

Yet I was more than two decades into the game before I realized how much I like being wrong.

Realizing you’re wrong gives you the chance to figure out why.  And how to fix it.  Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes not.

When we’ve got self-work to do one of our most retarded natural responses is a strangling feeling of vulnerability and weakness.  This is usually brought on by pride, ’cause we know we’re wrong.

Unfortunately that’s when we most need to be open to correction.  Open to hearing stuff that ain’t pretty about ourselves.

Let’s learn to love being wrong and listen carefully to constructive criticism:  See what’s helpful, cast away what isn’t and get back to work righting wrongs.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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