Know me by heart.

Someone I love deeply used the phrase, “know by heart” recently and my soul stirred.

That is truth.

We are lucky to see the power in loving each other for the best version of ourselves.  Loving someone for the most divine version of who they are is the hardest to do and best to achieve.

The idiom, know by heart springs from the idea that the heart is the origin of all feelings and store of all memories.  Having memorized something perfectly means it is known by heart.  And what does it mean to memorize, to remember?

Memory is an image or impression of one that is remembered, brought to mind, thought of again, recollected…  Brought back to the level of conscious awareness.  Reminding oneself of something temporarily forgotten.

Knowing by heart means you have brought something back to mind, back to the level of conscious awareness perfectly.

The force of the Most High, energy, life is all things, undying and unending.  So isn’t all love a memory rekindled?  That’s why true love feels like a joyous new memory for the heart: Familiar, new, profound and infinite all at once.

Know me by heart.

Love is a memory recollected.  Brought back to the level conscious awareness.  Conscious human awareness.

When we memorize perfectly… When we know perfectly, love perfectly, we know and love by heart.  We see past the mind, the ego, the body, the world and into one another’s heart.  In our hearts is where our humanity rests.

When we love from that place our relationships are unshakeable, all-powerful.

I am thankful for those in my life who know and love me by heart and grateful for those I’m able to honor in the same way.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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