Walking in your naturally gifted power

Everyone’s got a gift.  It’s like Christmas!

Maybe it’s dance, leadership, business management, singing, medicine, painting, cooking, nurturing, running, inspiring, or teaching.  And these ain’t the horrifyingly awkward gifts we give each other on holidays and birthdays and upon retirement…

You know, the ones that may or may not fit; might be insulting, offensive, or  appropriate; the ones folks are itching to exchange, return or repurpose.

Nope.  Our natural talents came from the same force behind the stars, the sun,  snowy mountains, oceans, waterfalls, and islands.  How awesome is that?

The same source of life gave you your gifts.  Science can’t explain Albert Einstein and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  and Celine Dion.  They’re just gifted.

And yes, believe it or not our gifts are perfect as they are. What’s tough is making sure we use them for the right purpose.









As perfect as the snowy mountains and powerful ocean are, can’t nobody survive an avalanche or tsunami.  As perfectly lovely as the glow and radiance of the moon and sun are you couldn’t make them disappear if you tried.

Misusing our gifts is as short-sighted and dangerous as building an huge mansion on shifting sand.  Neglecting our gifts is as silly and wasteful as filling a rushing river with handfuls of dirt.

Our gifts aren’t supposed to be hidden.

But you know, life seems so much more complicated for us than it does for the birds who fly carefree from river to ocean to forest to mountain and back.

We’ve got goldfish who died and parents who never seemed impressed, or told us to be quiet, to stop.  People we cared about who made fun of us and stuff we needed we just couldn’t have.  Stuff we did that we just shouldn’t have.

We’ve got people to admire and judge ourselves against.  Measures of success in material wealth, bottle-popping, educational attainment, car type, career, accolades, family and spousal support that we haven’t achieved.

We have all these huge and challenging mountains to climb and no help in sight.

So how in the heck does all that support the fluffy realization that maybe a love for travel or sweets are purpose-filled gifts not indulgences?   That ingenious business leadership is a gift  instead of funding for one?  Talent in dance and music is more than a hobby?

Well, what if your travels took you to a village where your help saved someone’s life?  What if your cupcake brought a smile to the lips of a dying child?  What if your oodles of money funded fuel innovations that saved the planet?  What if your dance shows someone the meaning of true love?  What if your song opens their heart?

It starts with simply asking what we’d share more of if we stopped worrying about how people would receive it.

The wonders of the world don’t cower in shadow awaiting a lonely mountain climber.

Ain’t a human being alive who can judge you or your gifts.  They can offer feedback, they can help you grow, encourage you, yes.

Or could it be… What if you’re better than you believed you were?  How would you deal with the responsibility of greatness?

Do the crashing waves that etch away rock pause in wonder to revel in the evidence of their power?

Does the sun blaze brighter, self-destructively consumed by its own light?

I’m thinking no.  Absolutely not.

It’s unnatural to suspend wonders to contemplate the awesome weight of responsibility inherent in their being.

Stop worrying about it.  Stop thinking about it.  Stop planning for it.  Be about it.  Step up.  Live and walk with your gifts in power.

Press forward.

And if ever you falter remember:  This gift ain’t about you and it ain’t about other people.  Because not a person or thing on this Earth gave you that gift no matter how much they think otherwise.  So nothing on Earth can take it away.

Press forward.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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