Be encouraged


a : to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope : hearten
In the past couple of weeks a deluge of encouragement strong and pure has cascaded upon a clear and committed effort to a spotlight what is most important: The Most High.  The unexpected nature and shockingly uplifting affects were powerfully humbling:  Not only did I not expect encouragement, I didn’t realize how empowering it was to receive it.
Underscoring this humbling truth, I came across two powerful messages, one a beautifully poetic post from my friend Tilesha Brown about how much the notion of encouragement can change perspective:
The other a simply profound story about the power of words from legendary author Paulo Coehlo:
The consistent message about encouragement reminded me how important it is, and how impactful it can be on others.
We never know how much a fellow human might need to be encouraged.  Every day we fight different struggles and no one knows another’s depth.  Yet every day is a chance to encourage another.  Every single person in your life is in it for a reason, good or bad:  Either way they deserve your encouragement.
When we are discouraged sometimes our shadows are so great we can’t even see our need to be lifted above them, much less ask for help… Or receive it.
Sharing an encouraging word reaches boldly beyond expectation, need, humility and pride to empower someone else.
It doesn’t cost a thing.  It doesn’t take much time.  If it’s honest, it will point someone closer to the greatest version of themselves they could possibly be.  That’s the most awesome gift EVER!
My encouragement to you:
I don’t have to know you to trust emphatically that if you’re alive in this moment reading this message there’s more in store for you, greater than you’ve lived already.  Share the power of that truth with someone else.
Encourage others.

2 Replies to “Be encouraged”

  1. Thanks for reading and sharing my post. I am so glad that it provided encouragement to you! Your post is so spot on for me today…and I want you to know that you have encouraged me TODAY. Thanks you. ❤

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