Climbing the walls

I’ve been pretty much bedridden with the flu for five days and boy was it revealing. Stripped of the banalities and luxurious comforts we take for granted with good health I’ve been left to my thoughts. The fourth day was hardest, and i found more often than others, two recurring causal themes arose.

The first was a rather hilarious (in retrospect) silent temper tantrum. I fussed to myself about anything and everything that came to mind. In rare form, I managed to find something wrong in absolutely everything.

The next thought was a gentle snap back to reality. Like a veil revealing a work of art my eyes and heart opened, seeing the good in my life for what it is. Reminding me to search for my lesson.

This happened a couple times before I got it.

When we let life back us into a corner we are stuck, blinded by our circumstances and limited by walls around us. Those act like blinders to our spirits when we should be climbing them for a clearer perspective from a better vantage point… Beyond and above what we’re dealing with in that instant.

We can always choose to consider our life from another angle and be open to the message we get when we shift perspective.

2 Replies to “Climbing the walls”

  1. Grateful you are feeling better. Taking notice of the “bedridden” pauses the ill events that occur so that we may be still enough to observe our responses to the moment. Thank you for reminding me to reflect and respond, not react. πŸ™‚

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