Do you hear what I hear?

Being able to speak to each other in writing, song, touch, dance, art, thought, is our most powerful gift. It’s why we smile widely at some expressions and crumple in pain over others. The power is, it’s the purest exchange we can have. To be understood another must understand.

To understand each other we have to listen, watch, see, feel as though we were the speaker and speak, sing, dance, play as though we were the listening observer.

Communicating is an inherently vulnerable exchange. Maybe that’s why we make it so messy. Not listening, not thinking about what we say before we speak, or refusing to speak, or saying too much: Anything to be in control.

Value the power to speak. It can break hearts, start wars, create life, nurture love. Money can’t do that. But I bet, if we had to buy words to speak we’d be more selective and thoughtful about using them. And I bet, if we were paid to listen we’d be more attentive.

Communicate with the value exchanged in mind.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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