The needy don’t need you. Kony 2012 and other musings…

Worldwide, there are far more people suffering from poverty, war, and disease than not. We know the global balance of power sits with a select few. We know greed runs rampant and we know that a few dollars can help a poor starving child far, far away survive by the skins of their bootstraps.

What we seem to be befuddled about is what to do with those pesky masses. They whine, they make the elite feel guilty… Sometimes… They certainly cause more drama than the average citizen of the planet does.

What we don’t seem to realize is that humans can help themselves if you stop holding them back and beating them down at every turn. For any help to work, it has to be focused on self- determination for those you help.

The latest befuddlement is over Joseph Kony. While it is unquestionable war criminals should be held accountable, it is questionable who is raising the issue now, why, and what impact they’ll have on the people they claim to care about.

The most effective war-time strategies are distraction and division. Is this individual the issue or is a need for a global value system that benefits humankind the issue?

From George W. Bush to Joseph Kony to Tony Blair to Adolf Hitler to Haman, powerful leaders have tried to do away with the pesky poor through murder, genocide, mass incarceration, disenfranchisement, slavery, disease spreading, sterilization and worse.

Nothing seems to work.

Human lives can’t be stamped out like a dying ember. Now, there are some sweet folks who try to help the needy. Noble as that is, by and large, it doesn’t help. At the end of the day the GOP has one thing right. Folks in need can only save themselves. Can only pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Here’s the thing.

That means you can’t be yanking on my coattail and kicking me in the gut while I’m pulling.

Worldwide, economic and political structures have become so perverted not only are typical freedoms denied of the needy, insurmountable obstacles are built feverishly in front of them. Everything from the military to law enforcement to education to creditors to housing to consumerism stand in the way of a simple, happy life for most.

Most needy folks in 2012 aren’t stupid, criminal, crazy, disabled or lazy. They’re stuck, writhing under an angry thumb made of money and self-interest.

If only it would let up already.

Idealist or not, truth is we’d see success if that wealthy few backed off and left the land and resources to the masses who inhabit them. Would Kony have been wanted for war crimes today if the Conference of Berlin hadn’t happened hundreds of years ago? No one can tell.

I envision a day where all healthy men and women can rise, work to care for, feed, and educate their family, and choose who can advocate for their best interests. And I’m not alone.

I got an action kit alright. And the force behind it has no website or film.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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