The Cry

Have you ever joked to yourself that you must be getting old because the crap kids listen to nowadays is terrible?  That back in your day, music and movies were really good and it’s all going downhill now?  Ever changed the channel around little kids and a certain rock or hip hop song came on?  Struggled to find an appropriate movie to watch with your son or daughter, mother or father?

Radio, television, movies, cd’s, and video games are all media.  The hugest hub of media development on Earth is in Hollywood, California.

There are complex arguments about the impact of media on human behavior, thinking, and spirit but the bottom line is:

Media matters.

The singers, writers, crew, actors, designers, and dancers matter. What they’re doing matters.  How it’s produced matters, who watches it matters.

People around the world watch what comes out of Hollywood.

Can you even begin to fathom what it would be like if high quality, positive messaging was all you ever heard or saw on the TV, radio or big screen?

We have the power to do something more than be opinionated or even angry about the quality of media nowadays.

Have you ever stopped to think about what being opinionated and angry about something really is?  It’s cursing.

Cursing is why it hurts so much when someone says negative about you.  It’s why so many mental therapists are thriving professionals.  Speaking negativity over someone or something consistently produces a negative effect.

Is it any wonder that the film and music industries are so filled with negativity?

The power we have over this and any situation we intend to change is the power of prayer.

And I don’t mean a little half-baked wish on the fly.  I mean thousands of people of all walks of life, stopping what they’re doing and focus all of their energy intently on praying.

For change.

Prayer works.

Whether you want to call it the power of positive thinking, karma, receiving what you put out, hoping, wishing, energy transference or what doesn’t matter.  Believe what you want, there is something to this spirituality thing:  Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Hindi, Jewish, agnostic or other spiritual practice… The majority of living humans across all cultures believe life isn’t just limited to us folks and what we make with our opposable thumbs.

Prayer has been scientifically proven effective in positive transformation.

On Thursday March 15th, thousands of leaders of different faiths, people from different walks of life are gathering in Hollywood to pray for transformation.  You should be a part of it.  Even if you can’t physically be there, you can be a part of it where you are.

Spread the word.

Make a difference in a way that affects the rest of the world.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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