Living effectively: Spring cleaning

I’ve started spring cleaning and boy did my little home need it.  I chose two tiny apothecary chests for an optimum feeling of reward and accomplishment:  A sip of a martini for every little drawer emptied.

3 hours, 12 drawers and one martini later I was finished. 🙂

It occurred to me as I trashed years of random detritus just how much stuff we allow to accumulate when we’re not intentional about letting it go.

For many of us, it’s not until we move, get into spring cleaning mode, or become physically sick that we force ourselves to weigh critically and act with discipline: Only then do we figure out what’s in our lives with an eye for getting rid of things we don’t need, for lightening the load, for keeping only what optimizes our health.

As I organized, I realized not only was I getting rid of unnecessary clutter… Keeping only what makes sense and in organized, easily accessible and good working order, makes every action more effective, every step forward more successful and powerful.

When your life is cluttered, you may grasp at the wrong thing several times.  You may overlook the right thing because it’s hidden behind a distraction.  You may seize upon the right thing at precisely the right moment… Only to find it’s broken.

All that time and energy wasted trying to walk on a clear path towards your goal.

Knowing you have carefully sifted through everything, and everyone that’s in your life… Knowing you are keeping what is there for a specific reason, strengthens you with the power of intention.

With a clean, functional life you have the ability to work and press forward with all the tools you need for success at your fingertips and none of the hindrances of clutter littering your path.

Tomorrow, a powerful community of leaders and lovers are coming together to focus on spring cleaning of a spiritual kind for the entertainment industry:

Join us at for The Cry.

2 Replies to “Living effectively: Spring cleaning”

  1. I just found the missing piece to my cleaning woes… SPRING cleaning in my home commenced LAST Spring and it has now become “Sprumalltering Cleaning” ( spring, summer, fall, & spring again) lol.

    The reason my task has taken so long to complete is not necessarily due to the amount of clutter as much as the lack of focus and limited satisfaction as a result.

    This wonderful Blog Post has shown me the missing piece to my puzzle of hodgepodge…REWARD! I shall put this concept into practice immediately =)

    Thank you for sharing!

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