Warriors of love

To restore to friendship or harmonyb : settleresolve.  2
: to make consistent or congruous. 3 : to cause to submit to or accept something unpleasant.  4 a : to check (a financial account) against another for accuracy. b : to account for.
a : to deliver from sin. b : to rescue or deliver from danger or harm. c : to preserve or guard from injury, destruction, or loss. d : to store (data) in a computer or on a storage device. 2 a : to put aside as a store or reserve. 3
a : to make unnecessary. (1) : to keep from being lost to an opponent (2) : to prevent an opponent from scoring or winning. 4 : maintainpreserve <save appearances>.
There’s an awesome scene in the film, 300 where an army’s size is questioned.  It quickly becomes clear that the commitment of the warriors means each has the strength of hundreds.
I know God and love Him above all, before even myself.  But I ain’t saved.  I ain’t no part-time warrior.  I am restored.  I am new.  I am reconciled.  I war for love, for God.
A part-time warrior is like the man in that clip who was a potter, but willing to fight if called, which is noble.  But the strength behind it is completely different than for the man who lives, breathes, sleeps, eats as a warrior 24/7.
If you’re alive, you’ve been called.  But no one can make you understand that, it’s something we each have to learn for ourselves.
This is the difference between being saved and being reconciled.
Salvation as many have come to know it, belittles the true idea of spirit.  It’s powerless.  We are not victims of life.  We aren’t absent value or worth or ability.  We aren’t part-time warriors waiting for a calling.  The concept of salvation is where a lot of love gets lost, a lot of judgment festers.
The concept of being saved is too passive for war.  It strips away agency, making it seem one can wait for a savior to come along to rescue them.   It makes it ok to just throw pots until someone passes a sword and shield over to you and begs you to fight.
Worse, it makes it seem that if you’ve been saved you may be better than, more worthy or qualified than, further along than, someone who hasn’t been saved…  Don’t bother saying yet, it’s condescending.  There’s no love in division, in hierarchy.  There’s no power in waiting around to be saved.
Spirituality isn’t about butterflies, flowers, and a comforting embrace to lift our depression and keep us on track with the firm and caring hand of a gentle father.
In his time, folks thought Jesus was a drunken murderer who kicked it with prostitutes and thieves.
Spirituality is the war of love.
Love for humankind.  Not certain kinds of humans.  Love isn’t limited to pastors, choirs, the saved, the heterosexual, the sober, the pro-lifers, the sweet, the kind, the honest, the law-abiding, the submissive, or the meek.
Love for all.
Awakening, growing and living in the spirit takes the fearless, strong, and powerfully committed approach of a warrior.  Warriors don’t wait around to get called to action, to get saved.
There isn’t a human alive who hasn’t the capacity to love fully, to restore themselves.  That doesn’t mean it will be pretty or pleasant but it’s real.  And powerful.  Reconciliation means  you have to step up of your own free will, in your strength.  There is no resting and waiting for rescue.
There’s no room for timidity, trepidation, fear, doubt or limits.  These are the symptoms of a lying sickness that leads too many who feel they’ve been saved to judge, curse, and pity those they feel haven’t been saved.
We are here to love each other.  With the fierce protective spirit of mother nature.  There’s a reason lionesses are violently protective over their cubs.  Why growing saplings are covered in one-inch poisonous thorns.  Can you imagine how different and powerful humanity would be if we acted from this spirit all the time?
True love grows in hard times.  True love is willing to put yourself on the line for another.
We are here to be the kind of spiritual leaders who march to proclaim our love for humanity, to remind our fellow humans we love them more than they know when the world seems to be cursing them.
We are here to be the kind of spiritual leaders who live as warriors of love, who speak truth to power.
Let’s walk away from our part-time warrior lifestyle and commit to being warriors for love.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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