Open relationships: Anything for love?

We’re willing to do anything for love in modern times.

Some couples, married and not are incredibly flexible for love and seriously consider the possibility of an open marriage or relationship:  Accepting multiple partners.  

Some couples, married and not are completely resolute and unwilling to change certain things for their partner:  Refusing to sacrifice for protection.  

It’s rather ironic that we tend to be either resolute or flexible about things that may harm the relationship and limit the bounds of love…

Where does the strong will and complete willingness go when it comes to things that protect the relationship and deepen love?

We are open to tolerance when our partner is too busy for us.  Willing to accept that they stay out all hours of the night.  Open to compromise because they want intimacy with other people.  Willing to accept that they don’t want to take care of a family full-time.  Open to tolerate them not being completely vulnerable and honest with us.

That’s a lot of willingness, openness.

We are stubborn when our partner demands too much of us.  Determined to have fun without them.  Stubborn about not having our freedom limited.  Determined to maintain our independence and break stereotypes.  Stubborn about not appearing to be weak in front of them.

That’s a lot of determination, stubbornness.

We’re open to and determined about quite a bit in the name of love.

But what if our openness and stubbornness changed, so we were willing to do  or stand firm against anything in the name of G-d?  

Would we be willing to put G-d before work, before friends, before ourselves?  Would we be willing to give up our career to stay home and spend time in G-d?  Would we be willing to part ways with old friends and ways to make space for G-d?

We do some wild and crazy things in the name of love.

We’ve been desensitized and conditioned to the point where it has become more difficult to honor than to dishonor each other.

Let’s shift all our radical openness and willingness to consider new ways of loving each other.  Be willing to do anything, even if it’s temporarily unpleasant and uncomfortable, for G-d: We’d come to accept living for G-d as normal.

What would an open relationship with G-d look like with your significant other, your spouse?

How would both of your expectations, behaviors, and levels of acceptance and sacrifice change?

How far out on a limb would we willing to go for G-d compared to the promise of a good time?

Would you save yourselves for marriage?  Give up your job?  End late nights out on the town?  Be faithful in thought, word and deed?  Move to a new city?  Reevaluate your friendships?  Consider new and challenging perspectives on old behaviors?

What have you given up, taken on for love?

What would you give up, take on for G-d?

2 Replies to “Open relationships: Anything for love?”

  1. It’s often difficult to refrain from giving
    ” kudos” after every single blog post in an attempt to avoid redundancy. However,my spirit,heart & soul were so deeply moved I must grant thee applause!

    1. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. 🙂 For reading, supporting… Your kudos are encouraging and we all need that.

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