Be boldly you and make this world yours.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” -Dr. Seuss

How much of our adult lives are spent trying to figure out how to make sense of ourselves in a world we aren’t choosing?  How long have you known about your talent or skill and kept it to yourself because of something that had nothing to do with that talent or skill?

We choose our world when we start living in it like it belongs to us: Walking in our identity and owning who we are and what is ours.

No one looks at you as a leader if you aren’t leading anyone.  As a singer if your voice goes unheard.  As a caterer if you’re not cooking for folk.  As an artist if you aren’t sharing your artwork.  As an activist if you’re not taking action.

We are many, many things, each one of us.  We are athletes who also bake who also dance who also parent who also write who also teach who also style who also lead who also work who also live…  All of that is who we are.  

But the world reacts to us the same way water does when a foreign object enters it:

We displace it in the shape of our identity.  

Thing is, we define our shape: Who we are.  So if we say we’re a caterer and a  husband, our world displacement looks like the reaction shown on someone’s face when you walk in emitting power, talent, pride, skill and love.  You begin to tell people who you really are, they respond.  You begin to do things as you really are, and the world responds.

It’s important then, as we define our shape that we recognize we are what causes displacement in our world, not the other way around.  

Water doesn’t leap from a pond to form the shape of a fish.  Nor does it rearrange below the mirrored surface to create a vacuum of space for a stone.  

We have to define ourselves instead of letting the world define us when it ain’t even really ours yet.  The world isn’t going to step up and beg us to become who we were meant to be.  And it isn’t going to create the perfect opportunity for us to step into it either.

It’s important too, to define ourselves clearly: A clearly shaped object, one made of solid substance will have a different effect on water when it enters than one of flexible edges, fluid makeup.  

Water forces itself on flexible objects, causing them to take the shape water presses into them, changing constantly, moving and floating with the water’s movement.

We have to be bold in who we say we are and walk with the power of our identity for us to really rock our own world.

Be who you are.  

That may be a loud, boisterous, wise, saxophone playing, hopscotch-jumping, pottery-making surgeon.  

Be you.

Be bold.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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