The shield of friendship

Last night I dreamed I was in a foreign country, sitting in a park at sunset with a great friend.  In the distance, someone approached and I sensed they meant to come between us.

As the person grew closer, I kept them in my line of sight, aware but never alarmed.  My friend never noticed them advancing and I never alerted them.

Eventually, the person was standing right next to us.  My friend still hadn’t noticed them.  When this person realized they held no one’s attention and saw how close our bond of friendship was, they turned and disappeared silently.

Rather than worrying about your challengers, engaging with them, or burning energy strategizing their defeat, nurture your relationships with your allies.  Stay full of who and what gives you strength, wisdom, power, love and peace.

When you have surrounded yourself with truth, with powerful love and friendship it creates an impenetrable shield that keeps those who seek to harm you away.

Truth, love and friendship act as an army that walks with us at all times, staring down those who would oppose us.

2 Replies to “The shield of friendship”

  1. Hello ms tina that is so real Wat u are saying ,why dance with the devil and play his games .GOD IS WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE IS thing I do no brillant minds,think a like I know ur a beautiful queen Godbless.

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