Focus: How will Trayvon Martin’s life translate into a victory for mankind?

I love mankind.  To the point that my heart would break to consider applauding the death of a crazed mass murderer.  It’s a lot easier to direct hatred toward those who seem to be filled with it: But how is that justice?  

When an injustice is committed against fellow man, we have to dig within ourselves beyond the knee-jerk response of punishment;  Beyond the soothing balm of rage; Beyond the rallying cry of justice.

Every loss we suffer is a door opening to gain.  The larger the loss for humanity, the greater the potential gain for humanity should be.

I have a lot to learn and don’t know how Trayvon Martin’s life will translate into a victory for mankind.

I’m praying that the brilliant leaders and minds of our time are focusing on that now.

My idealist, naive idea is that maybe, just maybe, we can make sure our voices are heard beyond facebook and twitter when it comes to what matters in America.


Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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