Goodness, plain and simple.

Life is good. 

I’m doing the best that I can. 

These simple sayings are so incredibly powerful.

Life is inexplicable, all-powerful: It is love, it is energy, it is God, it is Earth, it is you and me.  And it is good.


Good not only now, here but forever, everywhere and always.  The intention of life is good.  The driving force of life is good.  When we experience anything other than goodness, we can’t believe the dangerous lie that life itself isn’t good.  We just got in its way.  And then blamed it.

Ain’t that somethin’?



Of a favorable character or tendency ; bountifulfertile; handsome, Attractivesuitablefit; free from injury or disease; not depreciated; commercially sound; that can be relied on; profitable, advantageousagreeablepleasantsalutary,wholesomeamusingclever ; of a noticeably large size or quantity; considerablefull; used as an intensive; well-foundedcogenttrue; deserving of respect; honorable; legally valid or effectual; adequatesatisfactory; Often used in faint praise; Conforming to a standard; choice, discriminatingvirtuousrightcommendablekindbenevolentupper-classcompetentskillfulloyal; close; free from infirmity or sorrow; of the highest worth or reliability; well-behaved; veryentirely.

Now THAT’S my kinda life.

Doing the very best we can.




Superlative of good; excelling all others; most productive of good; offering or producing the greatest advantage, utility, or satisfaction;

mostlargest; the best state or part; one that is best; the greatest degree of good or excellence; one’s maximum effort; a best performance or achievement; best clothes; under the most favorable circumstances.

Every new moment we’re alive, we are at our very best: We are everything we can possibly be in that moment.  We can’t live thinking of what we will be like in ten years, or what we were like ten years ago.

We are.

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