How to turn a bad day into a good one.

I went to sleep a little past 1am, after a lengthy meeting and an intense daily Insanity workout after.

I woke up uncharacteristically fussy… At 3am.

I headed to the rest room where I found my love nugget wide awake, acting like the amused, albeit surprised victim of a comical accident.  Strawberry shortcake band-aids.   Ointment.  Lampshades.

I woke up uncharacteristically fussy… At 5am.

Torn between consciousness as I tried to grasp a vision, sent to me during my dreams, my sleep became shallow.  Cats howling.  Sprinklers.  Cats howling.

I woke up uncharacteristically fussy… At 7:30am.

Once again trying to grab a vision, I half woke myself up.  Whitney Houston.  Gardener.  Tone deaf.  I’m Your Baby Tonight.  Lawnmower.  Weedwhacker.  Metal pipes.

When I finally agreed to face the day I knew immediately I’d descended into the pouty, softly angry place of “the bad day.”


I don’t do bad days.  Not because everything’s perfect or I always feel great, but because I recognize I have the power to shift my perspective so that if something terrible’s happening, I don’t have to feel bad about it.

Here’s how I shift perspective and turn a bad day good:

1.  Check on the baby.  Somehow when we grow up, we forget there was a reason our parents made sure we got enough sleep, ate regularly, and drank enough fluids.  Aside from obvious health issues, those three are the trifecta of grumpiness.  See if you’re missing one, two or all three.

2. Get over yourself.  Don’t be afraid to laugh at your circumstances.  This is usually fairly easy once we step outside of our fussiness to realize, waitaminute.  The macho, soft-spoken gardener singing to Whitney Houston completely out of tune while banging on your sprinklers with a weed whacker, directly under your window?

I never believed in love at first sight, but you got a magic boy…  

Whatever you want from me, I’m givin’ you everything. I’m your baby tonight.”

3.  Focus.  You woke up, still present of mind enough to complain about your comedy of errors for a reason.  It has nothing to do with fussing.  You have a purpose in life, so hop to it.  Remember why you’re here.  And if your bad day has gone so foul you can’t recall, pray, read, journal, or something until you remember.

4.  Be thankful.  In every moment we’re alive there’s something to be thankful for.  I’m thankful the gardener didn’t hear me yelling at him over the lawnmower.  That would not have been pretty.  I’m also thankful to share my life with people I love.  Thankful to have purpose-filled work to do everyday.  Thankful for my health, which pushed me through an insane workout at midnight.

Thankful that sometimes folks love and trust me so much they have higher expectations than I do of myself.

Thankful to be supremely provided for, cared for, and protected.

Thankful for sunshine and rainbows.

And thankful for that awfully funny serenade that kicked off my day.

I feel like an angel, who just started to fly…

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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