Natural order: Getting your life together.

All my life I’ve loved to put things in order.  I naturally arrange objects in forms of symmetry, choose complementary colors, nonchalantly clean and organize, and set scenes of beauty constantly.

Recently I let things slip so far out of balance my home was a mess.  Yesterday, after a music-fueled maniacal cleaning session that lasted until the wee hours of the morn, the home finally began to return to order.  This morning, while I reflected on how much the peace and pleasure I felt in my spirit outweighed exhaustion I realized what was really going on.

I was feeling the same kind of appropriate resistance to disorder that I would to an accuser: My spirit was telling me something was wrong.

This wasn’t about misplaced objects, dust or disorganization.

Order is a critically important part of nature and our lives within it.

The world is naturally a beautiful, harmonious place.  Pristine lakes, floating clouds, majestic forests, powerful volcanoes, rocky mountains, shining stars… Soaring rooted trees, brilliantly changed butterflies, zooming hummingbirds, sweet honeysuckle, explosive lemon, fragrant blooms…

All exist in peaceful, divine order.


Order, harmony, balance and peace are the state of life at its highest natural state.

Where in nature do you see rot?  Natural decomposition fertilizes and nourishes the earth.

Where in nature do you see filth?  The earth cleanses and replenishes itself.

Where in nature do you see meaningless chaos and disorder?  All natural processes are meaningful, necessary, and interconnected.

Where in nature do you see failure?  The earth recovers easily, naturally from forest fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and other events we call natural disasters.

There is a natural order to life and it is peaceful, harmonious, balanced, clean, fresh, functional, meaningful, and beautiful.

Interruption of a food chain or introduction of a new element can decimate a species or ruin an ecological system.

Why then, do we allow our surroundings to become unnaturally disordered?  Our homes, offices, cars, bags, cabinets, finances, friends, phones, emails, bookshelves, health, faith…

How can we convince ourselves order isn’t important?  The world as we know it would simply end if ever the sun failed to rise or set.

One thing different.  Everything changes.

Part of natural order is cleansing and refreshment.  Rain washes dust from leaves and gives precious moisture to soil.  We wash and nourish our bodies daily, cleansing inside and out and we must care for our surroundings with the same diligence.

Part of natural order is balance.  A leaning tree will right itself, slowly and surely over time.  We can’t allow ourselves to become so imbalanced, maintaining order in our lives is impossible.

Part of natural order is harmony and symbiosis.  Light and dark, consumption and reproduction, hot and cold, male and female, death and life.  We can’t deny ourselves rest any more than we can deny ourselves effort but we can let both be meaningful, enjoyable and interdependent.

Part of natural order is the supernatural, the world unseen.  Wonders and miracles, signs and serendipity, destiny and vision, love and life, talents and gifts: God.  We rise every morning to a miraculous new day and we must approach it with the reverence, awe, hope and wondrous expectation a miracle deserves.

With this perspective we understand true significance and see with long-term vision.  We ascend the mountain to assess the terrain below in all directions.  We assemble the advisors, information, tools, weapons, builders and soldiers we need to carry out our plan.  We pray.  We weigh and consider our environment and choose for optimum benefit.

When we rise above to the proper vantage point God can effectively direct how we put our lives in meaningful order.

We know what steps to take.

We move.

I will be making sure to follow my own advice and stay high, balanced, and rested as I order my steps.

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