Reflection: What do you block yourself from receiving because of how you feel about the giver?

This past weekend Pog* and I went suit-shopping.  I got creative with my suggestions, he loved them, and left happy and surprised by his choices.  Monday, I tried on a ring received as a gift years ago, that I’d never worn.  When I asked his input he encouraged me to wear it, I agreed, and later was pleased with my choice when glimpsed in the mirror.

I’m wearing the ring again today and as I look at it, I think… If he didn’t trust me and love the dickens out of me, he might not have even heard my suit suggestion, much less considered agreeing with it, decided to act, and acted.

When we are led to step outside of our comfort zones for our own good, what we think of the person leading us there matters.  If we don’t trust them, like them, or love them we may miss a great opportunity for learning, growth and even change.

Scary thing is, life change and growth is much more complicated than fashion.  Putting on a pinstriped suit or acrylic ring has nothing on overcoming fear and self-doubt or accepting God’s love.

What we receive depends so much upon how much we love and trust the giver.

This is why it’s so important to love God purely.  When we doubt and question the spirit of change and growth, which challenges us, stretches and changes us, we hurt ourselves.

We shrink ourselves.

When we’re unwilling to change, we owe it to ourselves to question whether we’re focusing so hard on past hurt or mistrust… We’ve blinding ourselves from seeing good for what it is.

Remember to pull yourself, your feelings, your resistance out of scenarios that challenge you.  Focus on what you might learn, how you might grow.  Then step forward, confident, trusting.


*Pog is the love of my life: He’s a Powerful Man Of God, and the M for man is silent, representing the human, superficial stuff that comes between the Power Of God.

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