Celebrating: Why it’s important to honor the good in life.

2012 has been filled with celebration.  Celebrations of community accomplishments, relationships, new births, marriages, breakthroughs, friendship and family.

There’s been lots of introspection, hard work, rest, and learning as well.

In church on Sunday while I was talking to a baby (don’t you?) he frantically waved his hands in a clear gesture of absolute, unadulterated glee.  That movement summed up how I feel about celebrating.

Life is a beautiful, magnificent, joy-filled miracle of seasons, change, growth, development, and love.  Why wouldn’t we honor those miracles in celebration?

The challenge is in honoring what it is you celebrate.  Whether that’s a friend, monument, nature, relationship, professional accomplishment, or personal victory it’s important to celebrate appropriately and sensitively.  Otherwise we dishonor the very thing we’re seeking to pay respect to.

How different would your life look if you searched your own and loved one’s lives for blessings, however small, to honor, celebrate, and encourage?  Living with that mindset is a constant reminder of how sacred life is, how sacred goodness is.

The baby’s gleeful gesturing tickled me because he was so open and free to express his delight.  What holds us back?  What do we allow to keep us from honoring one another, celebrating life, praising God?

When we celebrate the right things for the right reasons in the right ways, our lives and those of others around us are uplifted, rejoicing in the spirit of life.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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