Contentment: The grass ain’t always greener.

People who get loud and out of control wish they could tone themselves down.  People who have a tight rein on themselves wish for the freedom of being loud and out of control.

Wealthy and low-income individuals alike long for the day when they won’t have to worry about money.

Single people long for the companionship of a brilliant romantic relationship.  Spouses reminisce on the freedom of single life.

Singers with big voices wish they could sing with quiet intensity.  Singers with soft power wish they had earth-shattering volume.

Skinnier people wish for more muscles and curves.  Heavier people wish for fewer bulky muscles and curves.

The uneducated hope for knowledge.  The wise reminisce on days of innocence.

The fun-loving struggle to be taken seriously, the somber yearn to have fun.

Youth ache for the self-determining power of adulthood and adults yearn for the carefree lives of youth.

Short folks long to be taller and taller folks wish to be shorter.

People of large families yearn for attention and intimacy, and only children ache for brotherhood.

Employees wish they were the boss and the boss wishes they had less responsibility.

People with short hair wish for the versatility of long locks, and folks with long hair wonder about the ease of a short ‘do.

Every square inch of our body, every unique detail of our lives and personality, every gift, every struggle, strength and weakness are intentional.

There are no coincidences in life, no mistakes.

Criticizing a gift given with love is cursing the giver: How is self-criticism or self-hatred not cursing God?

Our gifts aren’t given for us to know or understand exactly why they were given or how.  They are for us to embrace and glorify… To focus on figuring out how to use all God has given us to lift each other up.

We waste valuable time and energy wishing we were different.  Instead, we should focus on excellence: As long as we live, we can always learn more, develop more, improve.

All life is linked in spirit, and our attitudes toward one another and ourselves matter.  When we think highly of ourselves and others we uplift each other.  When we think negatively and lowly of others we create tension by pulling them down when their spirit’s natural inclination is to soar.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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