Doing what brings you peace

…And give you peace.

We do so many things in life for different reasons.  The most compelling reason should be peace.  In peace is where you find your best you.  Adrenaline rushes, thrills, excitement and lust are fleeting moments of self-destruction pretending to be good for you, by feeling good for you.

How often do you take stock of whether a behavior, action, relationship, or environment makes you feel at peace inside?

Yes, we strive to feel inner peace in outright turmoil but realistically, there are things we experience that make us feel more peaceful than others do…  Especially during times of growth and change, when we’re surrounded by the unfamiliar.

For me it’s smelling and picking flowers.  Organizing.  Playing with cute animals.  Writing.  Helping.  Drinking in beauty.  Sitting in quiet firelight.  Cooking.  Finding solutions.  Being around people I love.  Creative thinking.  Worshiping God.  Singing.  Dancing.  Drawing.

Start paying attention to the things, big and small in your life that make you feel at peace.  Focus your energy there.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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