Scrimps: Choose to find the good in everything.

Yesterday I shared fruit from my grapefruit tree with my overzealous young neighbors.

This morning I read a budget at work that referred to scrimps.

Last night, a stranger explained that the real depth and beauty of salsa lies in everything done between the major downbeats… A lot like life, isn’t it?

It would have been easy to be annoyed with my neighbor’s interruption of my quiet time. Instead I was happy to be able to share. Easy to find fault with my colleague’s misspelling. Instead I smiled and laughed. Easy to question the discouragement inherent in the stranger’s comment. Instead I saw the deeper significance.

These and others are recent reminders of how important it is to cherish life. Never take anything for granted. Nothing.

You may groan about needing to work out today, but what if tomorrow an injury or disease kept you from walking?

You may get sick of your family but what if this were the last moment you had with them?

Every day, every time we find ourselves giving in to the lie of frustration, the sickness of annoyance, we can flip the mental switch to say:

How can I look at this differently?

What’s good about it?

What’s funny about it?

What’s symbolic about it?

That way, we fill up our life memory-bank with goodness, joy, and wisdom.


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