The structure of a purpose-filled relationship

This interesting read reminded me of how important purpose-filled relationships are in life. 

A purpose-filled relationship is like standing on a diamond, rock-hard foundation, as one of two firm pillars of support under a beautiful, crystal vessel filled with the substance of life.

You see what’s above, and it’s worth the effort.

You don’t worry about where you stand because the foundation beneath you is unshakable.

When the vessel grows heavy, overflowing, you slide inward, away from the edges, and closer to your other pillar so the support is strengthened, centered, balanced.

You don’t give up because folding, quitting doesn’t make things easier. It crushes you, imbalances the other pillar, and threatens to destroy the whole structure.

In a purpose-filled relationship, you aren’t traipsing around satisfying yourself and seeking fun, buying love from the best seller.

You’re a part of a complex, beautiful, powerful structure that inspires those around you to build their own.

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