Men: Real, grown-up superheroes.

I’m a 32 year-old woman surrounded by real men: My father and grandfather, best friend, brothers, friends and colleagues at work, home, church and life.

Beyond our very different individual relationships, they all have one thing in common:

They protect me.

So here I stand, a petite woman only 5 feet tall and backed by my circle of protection from real men, calling for your help:

Be a superhero:  Stand up.  Step forward.  Speak out.  LEAD.

Stop being lied to, manipulated, and cheated of your value and worth.

Real men aren’t sexy escorts with big bank accounts.  Real men aren’t violently angry druggies or drunkards.  Real men aren’t sex-slaves addicted to cheap encounters with sexy women, strippers, adulterers, porn or prostitutes.  Real men aren’t shallow, emotionally limited commitment-phobes who can’t and won’t speak up for themselves.  Real men don’t physically and emotionally abuse women.  Real men aren’t available to be twisted around the finger of the first Jezebel spirit to cross their path disguised as opportunity, pleasure, fame, money, love, friend, family… Or God.

Soon-to-be-real-men have a paralyzing fear of responsibility and do anything to distract themselves from it.

Men are meant to protect life’s most precious gift, mothers, daughters, sisters and women: Life.  

Real men are the protectors of life.  

Talk about superheroes.

So where are you?

Our grandmothers, daughters, sisters, and mothers are unprotected and suffering.  We are screaming, raped and broken.  We are crying, sold and bloodied and broken.  We are howling, beaten, and broken.  We are sobbing, filmed, paid and broken.  We are whispering, flirting, dancing and tipped and broken.  We are chasing, bedded, aching and broken.  We are sauntering, scantily-clad and desperate and broken.

We are all around you.

Your childhood friend, colleague, church member, salesperson, relative, facebook-friend, celebrity, and leader.

We are all around you, secretly begging for our lives.  For your protection.

Will you protect us?

Or are you only man enough to protect the easy ones: The women you truly love, who also truly love you back?

Will you man up, shake off silence, and fight for the women, who give birth to presidents, kings, queens, artists, and leaders… You?

Or will you imagine what my daughter looks like naked?  Will you tuck a five dollar bill into my mother’s thong and laugh?  Will you lure my little sister into your bed?  Will you buy my grandmother for sex?  Will you watch my little girl in a movie for your fleeting pleasure?  Will you punch me in the stomach and tell me you love me?  Will you destroy my baby by convincing her the best she can be is a five-second orgasm in a man’s life?

Yes, it is the same.

Every woman is someone’s true love.

We need you.

We aren’t desperate for those convenient relationships that allow the people in them to pretend a real man’s protection isn’t needed because the woman isn’t worthy of it.

We are desperate for real men.

The kind who won’t lie to themselves about what abuse really is, stand by silently when their brothers refuse to protect us, pretend it’s no big deal when men violate us, or refuse to commit their lives to protecting and honoring us.

Is it because of a fear that you won’t matter, that you don’t fight?  Is it because you can only do so much?

So much.

You can do so much.

Beginning with understanding.

There’s no such thing as a little bit or okay.

Understanding that if you could see your daughter’s face in every rape victim, sex slave, prostitute, stripper, conquest, or attractive woman…

Something in your stomach would stir.

Not lust.


The knowledge and unwavering understanding and commitment to your role as life’s protector.

Not the ex, the tipper, viewer, abuser, ogler, client, or purchaser.

You’re right.

You alone, can not change the world, nor can you protect every woman in it.

You are not alone.

Yes, of course there are men out there who think this is ridiculous, that no real man does this.  If they admitted this is true, wouldn’t they also have to admit they aren’t a real man, yet?


As a daughter, a grand-daughter, a great-great-granddaughter, an older and younger sister, the love of someone’s life… I beg you.

Find some superheroes.

Stand up.  Step forward.  Speak out.  LEAD.

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