Women: Make it easy for him… To be a man for you.

I’m a woman.  I’m a sister, a friend, a daughter, a loved one.  When men see me, they see you: A woman.  When men see you, they see me: A woman.

So tell me, who do you think you are?

Are you your lips, glossy, puckered and at-the ready?

Are you your wit, biting and quick, leaving pain and amusement in your wake?

Are you your beautiful, awesome body?  Do you use it to entice, tease, and entrap?

Or for the divine, unparalleled purpose of delivering and sustaining life? 

Are you the promise and temptation of sex?

Are you jealousy and competition, judging and belittling your own sisters’ reflection?

Are you tears, hurt, manipulation and control?

Or are you truth, wisdom, discernment, strength, kindness and grace?

Just who, exactly, do you think you are?

We need our real men to protect us, but we also need to know that:

a)     Many real men are already protecting us like valiant warriors.

b)    Many women don’t believe we deserve protection so we hurt ourselves, blaming men.

Who do you think you are?

Aren’t you the most powerful being to walk the Earth, God’s creation endowed with the supernatural ability to create and sustain life?

Aren’t you the most sensitive, persuasive, gentle, intelligent being to walk among men?

Aren’t you a divine force so pure real men find themselves yearning to keep you safe, protected, honored?

Yes, our men need to honor and protect us, instead of violating, abusing us, killing our dreams.  But we need to honor and protect ourselves first.

We are failing our divine protectors and killing ourselves when we believe the lie that we can earn anything of value selling our bodies in any way:  Marrying rich, dancing for dollars, laying down for money, working our wiles for material support.

We are failing our divine protectors and killing ourselves when we believe the lie that the least of us is our most valuable asset: That real men are attracted to sexiness and flirtation.

We are failing our divine protectors and killing ourselves when we believe the lie that our sisters are anything other than our beautiful friends, our equals to hold and be held accountable by and to; to be respected, loved, revered and cared for.

We are failing our divine protectors and killing ourselves when we believe the lie that our men grow, and become more powerful by being bewitched with our tricks of the trade… What trade?

Just who do you think you are, and exactly what are you growing inside of you… Around you?

Are your sons raised to worship women or to be used by them?

Are they raised to protect women or to conquer them?

Are they raised to honor women or to dishonor them?

Are they raised to become real men or boys?

Mothers aren’t the only ones who raise men. 

How many lovers have you allowed a husband’s privileges?

How many men a father’s honor?

How many friends have you showered with a wife’s service?

How special and worthy of protection do you appear to someone who is only shown that you believe you are worthless and common?

Women, we are queens:  Regal, elegant, respectable, majestic, graceful, selective, and wise.

We set ourselves apart.  We honor and love other women.  We are not every girl.  We are not any girl.  We are not bad.

We are so, very, very, good.

We are everything life is, its embodiment.  We are loving, kind, gentle, sweet, soft… At the same time we are faithful, clear, challenging, strong, powerful and filled with wisdom of ages…

A real woman does not:

  • Keep her man in check, or belittle him.  She reminds him of who he is: A king, all-powerful.
  • Seek to control or coerce her man.  She voices her needs and her concerns lovingly and directly, and follows however he leads.
  • Give her man reason to doubt or question her.  She is open, transparent and intentional in her behavior, because she lives a purpose-filled life, not a mysterious game of chance and tricks.
  • Depend on her man for life, happiness, and provision.  She is overjoyed, full of life, divinely provided for and a strong life partner for him to depend on. 
  • Wait for a man.  She searches for the Highest, Greatest being of all, losing and finding herself in Him.

Content, pure, and radiating divine beauty, a real woman is sought out by real men. 

With great clarity, discernment, patience, and truth she chooses to go where His light is cast.

A real woman is a real treasure, a priceless and powerful gift worthy of protection and honor by a real, and amazing man.

Ladies, it’s about time we all acted like it.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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