Gifted: Honoring others who embrace and share their gifts

When I sing, I completely abandon myself and transcend to another level of being.  For most of my life, I denied this and other talents, refusing to be put in a box as a singer, writer, artist, fashion designer, dancer, cook, or anything else on the shelf.  None of it fit.  I realize now, all of it does.  For some of us, embracing our talents and sharing our gift with the world comes later in life, for others early.  No matter your journey, be encouraged!

Every minute, everyday, you have a new chance to make your gift useful.

This morning, I was struck by an exquisite onslaught of wisdom from a cadre of young, beautiful, and talented friends of mine.  As I experienced the evidence of their shining talent I thought and felt, deep within:


Guess what the names of these wonderful ladies are?







Oh, you thought I was flattering and biased?  These women are truly beautiful inside and out, they are well-educated, awesome human beings who inspire me.

Loveliness defined:

Ah- Used to express delight, relief.

Ent- Combining form: inner : within.

Today, I honor them by encouraging you to visit their expressions on life, well-being, love, joy, politics, and more.

Here are six gifts, for you, for free!








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