You can do it.

Watts Towers

One of the hardest things to grapple with in life is the feeling of helplessness.  Futility rears its ugly head when you go to vote and wonder whether it will matter.  When you’re exhausted after a long day and at the end of it, discover one more thing it seems no one else can do.  When you hear about death and destruction, pain and suffering.  When you just can’t and nothing about it is funny.

But here’s the truth:



No  literally, take in a breath.   Let it out.  You just did that.





Every moment of every day you have control over endless choices-no matter how small- and you can exercise the same will wherever you choose to apply it.

We’re not born knowing how to breathe. Babies have everything needed to take in air but simply aren’t accustomed to it.  But with the right environment and stimulation it happens and soon, we no longer think about it.

You have everything you need to act, to decide, but maybe are not accustomed to it.  Start with what you have and you’ll be surprised at what you find.  Astounded by the results.

This photo is of the tallest tower of the Watts Towers, built over decades by one tiny (5 ‘1″) Italian immigrant with a huge spirit: He used whatever he found.

Astound yourself. 

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