A Simple Choice

Having an 11/5 birth date in the US has made for some interesting news over the years. The 11/5/08 headline showed citizens of the same country whose original constitution didn’t consider slaves human, had elected a black man president.

Somehow, today I’m still reading about what laws are needed to make a human legal in the same country.

By contrast, this year had great life moments: getting married, welcoming cousins, nieces and nephews. Life is full of great moments when we choose to see them: Like, while continuing a half-century old year family vacation tradition, having lunch with an elderly stranger. As small talk ranged from weather to news and eventually drought and other disasters, her simple words summed up the truth of life well-lived:

Over the years the same things happen over and over. There’s always some big scare, the Great Depression, the war, the tornadoes, the earthquakes, the plague. You just want to hold on to your peace and ride it all out no matter what.

We can choose turmoil or peace.
Fear or love.

My birthday gift this year was a pair of blistered dancing feet. They say life isn’t about weathering storms, but learning to dance through the rain. How true.

It’d be easy to feel achy and sore but instead, why not smile about symbols of joy, love, health and longevity? Life is hard. And gets harder. It’s easy to get fearful, frustrated and angry. It’s much harder, more audacious, more courageous to be loving, hopeful, faith-filled. In every moment we choose what to focus on.

What will you focus on today?

I hope it’s something good.
Like bubbles. Or kittens. Or babies. Or whatever it is that makes you grin.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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