Good grief.

Within the last ten weeks I’ve celebrated the birth of my nephew, married the love of my life in the best wedding ever, honeymooned, celebrated my birthday, and celebrated the birth of my niece… Then suddenly, we were grieving the loss of my newborn niece suddenly at one month old, and again mourning for my grandmother who passed away two weeks later.

But it’s not about me, right?  Surely if I just lift my head and look at the world around me perspective will shift, truth will emerge in focus.


In other news… Apparently grand jury indictments for homicide have become a rare and elusive gift.  On a good day injustice aches and burns, but these days?

I need several hugs.

Because maybe, it really isn’t about racism.



When will this genocide in America be called what it is? When, since the holocaust, has a nation so willfully authorized mass murder?

Mike Brown. Eric Garner.




I never imagined personally mourning loved ones’ deaths as I have recently. Nor did I imagine grief would be compounded with wounds reopened by injustice, for men, women and children I’ve never met.

Throughout my family’s mourning it has been so comforting to feel unconditional love and support from friends, family and even strangers during our time of grief.

But then, my sweet niece’s single month of life was undeniably innocent and perfect.

The justice system is sending the message that hers is the only kind of black life worth protecting under the law.

The death count’s rising.

There is a genocide unfolding at the hands of law enforcement.

I don’t know how to have space for that kind of pain simultaneously.

As it all unfolds, I can’t imagine how maddening it would be for grief to be infected with blame, for my loved one to be vilified and demonized… Then as the struggle for closure, understanding, justice in the face of such genocidal tragedies continue…

To watch in new and different horror again, as the hands responsible for their death are held up..

In a shrug.

I can’t breathe appears to be exactly the point. It appears the justice system is not broken, in fact is working perfectly: If the mission is genocide.

Whatever. Right?

Apathy is worse than hatred. Apathy and injustice are the language of racism. Death is the language of genocide.

The insidious void of justice in far too many deaths of fellow human beings who happen to be black, is the worst mask our country can wear.

My heart aches for fellow grieving survivors of loss. I can not fathom their pain, strength and anger.

Like I said, several hugs. Pass some ’round.

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