Lifestyle: Art. Food. Music. Fashion. Dance. Home.

Lifestyle: Art. Food. Music. Fashion. Dance. Home.

I believe we should live intentionally: Choosing to spend our time and energy in such a way that if someone else were to make the same choices, their life they would be transformed for the better.

Living intentionally means getting your own life right, when no one else can see, so that others can experience an overflow that makes a positive impact on the world.

Living intentionally for me, means living on purpose: To achieve what I was purposed to do in this life.

Living intentionally means we all need help.  Guidance.  Release.  Support. Encouragement.  Inspiration.

This year, I am happy to announce 365 Songs, a daily vlog meant to uplift, encourage and inspire you through music recorded live, often a capella.  Subscribe here to receive daily songs.

So when you see the lifestyle tag on this site, this is what you get.


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