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Spirituality: Love. Kindness. Truth. Power. Gentleness.

They say the spirit of the law is what matters, not the letter.  This applies to our lives also: No matter what things look or sound like, the spirit is what matters.  If our spirit isn’t right nothing is.

Time is critically fleeting so I am especially grateful for your time investment in this site, and hope the return is high.

11 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Carol… as a biracial woman i would love to hear what this looking bi-racial means and how that makes someone not black etc… do enlighten me… thx

    • Melody/Carol, Last time I checked someones perception or assumption of ones background or heritage is usually wrong, unwanted, and unnecessary. It is not your place to tell anyone how black they are or aren’t. In this case, I know this woman’s lineage…and sorry to inform your ignorant hateful self… but she is indeed bonafide “black” :). We come in all shades, shapes, and sizes. Sorry we confuse you with how unique and different we come, but next time maybe you will think twice before you write your idiotic small minded 1929 comment. Welcome to 2011 where you finally realized that “Negros” are allowed to speak on issues as well. No need to comment back, your first two comments were mind boggling enough 🙂

      • Aww I am so glad to be me, knowing all of you, right now. This is a beautiful place, one of which I desire to make frequent visits. Thank You Miss Tina, for sharing some of you with all of us! =)


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