Today, a misunderstanding led people to get upset, and tears were shed.  It wasn’t until everyone saw from each other’s perspective that things turned around.

Ultimately, the entire exchange was a rough and tumble way of making sure we recognize and value everyone we come into contact with.

A way to make sure we educate ourselves and others to make sure the significance of a given moment or act is understood and honored.




Every moment we live is a chance to learn and grow.  But we have to have faith in that truth so we can commit to digging for it, unfailing until the lesson is in hand and growth achieved.  Doubting whether the outcome will be good is not a momentary lapse in judgment.  It’s the sign we’ve already accepted failure.  If you are questioning success you already believe failure is a possibility.  Problem…

Every moment, object, human, and story looks completely different depending on the angle you view it from.  All we have to do is step aside.  Take another look.  Step away from ourselves.  Understand another vantage point…  Perspective…

Every moment we live is a miracle.  There is significance and meaning in all we do but we often lose it in our own distraction.  We draw strength from remembering what makes all we do meaningful and significant, has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with something higher than our moment …Power.

Oh, what would happen if every time we hit a wall we thought:




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