The world is reeling with the news of a violent tragedy that shook Aurora Colorado and reverberated throughout the nation and beyond.  We must uplift and pray for increased protection against the growing inner violence and turmoil caused by such an outward expression of chaos.

We can not know their suffering.

We will continue to repeat terrible mistakes until the lesson is learned, that violence does not bring peace.  We know far too many lives are lost to firearms.

At some point, we must also understand an individual in pain with access to a gun is not the root of the problem.

President Eisenhower issued a powerful warning on the impacts of creating a very expensive military industry… 50 years ago.

While we manufacture weapons to wage war on other nations and struggle to maintain that high-cost business, how violently do we oppose the wars within our own borders?

Or do we struggle angrily in apparent peace while we allow the sinister games of lobbyists, campaign support, war, industry, and separation of church and state to play dangerously at citizen’s expense?

Do we wrestle fiercely in deceptive stillness as politics that mask an insidiously seething hatred of those who weigh down the country with poverty, mental illness, physical sickness, and age… Wash around us like a flood while we tread water for our dear lives?

“Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.” Martin Luther King Jr.

There is no simple solution that combines policy, advocacy, elected officials, and research that will eliminate the problem of violence.

It’s complex, far-reaching and beyond the scope of what we humans can do to fix problems in our lives: For a lengthy, albeit in-depth look at the broad range of issues behind the guns in the homes of the majority of Americans, take the time to read.

So what’s the solution?  It’s definitely not some angry, bible-thumping, judgmental, gun-toting religion.

It’s all about faith.” -Ebenezer Quaye

One Reply to “Colorado”

  1. Unfortunately I hadnt heard much about this incident, yet my heart had been heavy for all people suffering unexpected, tragic loss. My prayers continue to go out for us as the informed people to awaken to the painful reality that many, but not ALL of us are sheltered from. Although my words here may not be clear but my prayers will be. THANK YOU FOR SHARING.

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