Signs of a Super-warrior


I’m pretty sure when you look at Mr. Yoked-out Olympian angry man of the year above you think, “Now THAT’S a fighter.”  You wouldn’t want to tangle with him in a dark alley.  He looks like he leads a very disciplined, serious life where he’s constantly preparing for, engaged in, or recovering from battle.  This beefed-up warrior dude looks like he could take on, like, fifty really angry beefed-up warrior dudes with knives and lassos and stuff…

And win.

This guy looks like he’d break a limb with a finger-flick.

Like, he’d be someone’s bulky secret weapon.

Picture a kung-fu movie scene, where some king of olden days listens to an enemy’s haughty messenger of war (backed up by the ever-subtle chanting of thousands of soldiers at the kingdom gates.)  The king waits until the enemy’s messenger finishes and eyes him dismissively, then waves a graceful hand at a servant and says, “So it is.  Summon Brutus.”  The drums kick in.

Brutus, of course, is angry warrior man above.  You know the battle scene to follow.  Brutus types scare the crap outta most folks.

But there are even badder warriors than Brutus out there, who look nothing like him or anyone who might overcome him.  Part of their power is that you’d never suspect it.

Here’s how that scene would go with a super-warrior:

They’d walk into the room and look upon the king.  The king would keep his eyes locked on theirs, and ask the room to clear.  End Scene.  The next scene would show the enemy king asking the messenger in a screaming fury, who the mystery person was.  Then he’d order his army after them.  And somehow, they’d end up circling back to attack him with the super-warrior.

That’s a super-warrior.  Instead of scaring you, they somehow inspire you… To join ranks and fight the real enemy.  You might find yourself looking around like, when did I sign up for this and how did I get here?  Wait.  Focus!  Charge ahead!

Now, for the useful tidbits.  How would you know you’re facing a super-warrior and how do you deal with them?  More importantly, what the heck is this super-warrior so charged up about?
Super-warrior giveaways:

Twinkling eyes.  Broad smile.  Radical love.  Open arms.  You often are taken aback by a super-warrior’s gaze, thinking you must know them.  Usually this is because there’s something penetrating, understanding and timeless in their eyes, matched with the caring love of a smile usually reserved for anyone else.  Super-warriors confound the heck out of folks by loving problems away, by demonstrating the kind of strength in spirit that makes you ask, “How in the world…”  Super-warriors fight not by violence, and dealing death blows, but by healing and embracing humanity.

How you deal with a super-warrior:

In truth.  Honor.  Love.  Kindness.  Super-warriors don’t take lightly to the current phenomenon of laughing it off, pretending it’s okay, or half truths.  They aren’t so keen on seeing folks treated like they’re not super-warriors as well. Hatred and injustice is definitely fire-starter.  Basically uh… You want to be on their side.

What compels a super-warrior:

Life.  Not the random, silly, devil-may-care kind of carefree drunken spiral through empty fun, meaningless pursuits and purposeless relationships.  The real, raw, meaningful, purpose-filled, infinitely joyous embrace of deep, strong bonds in a risky, worthy walk of love.

It’s easy to respond to the chaos and destruction in life with more chaos and destruction.  What’s not, is responding with love, kindness, genuine concern, and true joy.

This is why, I think Super-warriors look a lot less like Mr. Yoked-out Olympian angry man of the year above and a lot more like this.

BEWARE: Super-Warrior in training.

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