Can’t vs. Won’t: Where ability and willingness collide to create roadblocks.

Constant self-development is a fascinating feature.  Every moment you find yourself uncovering something new and different… And when that isn’t happening, you find yourself wondering, “Why not?”

That’s the question.

What’s stopping you?  

At what point did you get bound up, blindfolded, gagged, deafened, starved, hobbled, isolated and disoriented to the point where you just can’t?

That hasn’t happened yet and never will.

What happens instead, is that you won’t.

Can’t is the state of being unable and willing.  
Won’t is the state of being able and unwilling.
When you let ability and willingness collide they form roadblocks in your life, a halting confusion of self-deceit that keeps you from moving forward.
How ridiculous is that?
I mean, can’t you just picture a 4 year-old crying incessantly and pitching a fit and hurting themselves because they want chocolate… But refuse to get up to grab the Godiva on a silver platter on the table?
Everyone’s problems look insurmountable to them, while they’re happening: Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a problem.
Maintain perspective and remember there’s more.  And nothing can stop you.
There is nothing in life that will prevent you from realizing your purpose.  In fact, things will align for you as you start to progress toward it.  Yes, you will meet with violent opposition too, but as that happens you’ll have increasing capacity to overcome.

There’s nothing you can’t do, only things you won’t do.

There is plenty in you that will prevent you from realizing your purpose.  Feelings of guilt, shame, fear, doubt, rejection, inadequacy will lock you up and throw away the key.  Why bind and limit yourself?

Let it go.

Get out of your way.

Stop magnifying things you won’t do and calling them impossibilities.

Quit pretending “you don’t feel like it” is a big deal, or any excuse not to live your dreams.

Get down to business.

You are willing and able.

You can and will.


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