Self-doubt and thanksgiving: You are never in question.

I’ve been privileged to spend time recently with friends who are an incredible inspiration, the kind of people who defy category and live abundantly in a way that always urges you to be better.

In self-reflection I noticed an interesting, albeit subtle common theme.

No matter how great or wonderful a given area of our lives looks from every perspective, with different lenses, and no matter how enlightened, learned, at peace and equipped we are…

Everyone doubts.  

Everyone gets scared.

Even if it’s just for an instant.

At some point, on some level, we question ourselves.

Never realizing that we aren’t ever in question.  We were made for a purpose, by the highest, most perfect power there is.  He doesn’t make mistakes.

That means…

Every second of every hour of every day, you are absolutely perfect. You are doing your very best, you are at your very best, you are giving it all you’ve got and working as hard as you can to be the best you can.  For you, for those you love, and everyone who may be blessed to witness your life.

You were born perfect.  And every day you’re alive you renew that perfection, with all you are.

No man’s burden is heavier or lighter than another’s.  But certainly, when the lie of self-doubt and fear tries to take hold…

The more responsibility we have, the more blessings, gifts, talents, love and sense of purpose we have…

Not only will that lie threaten you, but because you’re so awesome, you’ll add to it, worrying about how it will threaten those who look to you for leadership, guidance, love, direction, inspiration, parenting, healing and care.


Rest assured.

It’s a lie.  Everything is perfect, including you, just as you are right now, were before you read this, will be in the next moment and will continue as for the rest of your life.

We know this with unequivocal certainty because we can trust, completely, that nothing is random and there are no coincidences.

This isn’t a case of a poorly qualified, inexperienced, under-resourced, insecure, last-minute, short-sighted, shallow director making an assignment under duress.

You have been placed where you are, with what you have (which is exactly what you need by the way) in every second…

By the baddest, most brilliant, kind, loving, innovative, pure, bleeding-edge creative, perfectly peaceful leader for all time, who not only controls but creates every resource ever known or available to mankind… And whose timing and depth is endless.

So yeah.

Don’t waste any of His precious time whining about whether He made the right choice, which is what we do when we doubt ourselves. He knows exactly what He’s doing.

Next time you fix your mind to doubt, fix it on Him and say,

“Thank you.  I trust you.”

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