Rationing goodness: Don’t let your flaws and fears stop you from stepping up.

Life isn’t apparently good all the time. The people, situations, thoughts and circumstances presented to us are often not only unideal, uncomfortable, or not preferred… They can be downright bad, meaning to cause us hurt, reveling in the possibility.

When we discern this, in recognizing and understanding it, we face a danger different than we think. Nothing that intends to harm us actually will.

The real danger is in the many subtle ways of backing down, running away from the confrontation. The real danger is in running either because we don’t believe we can and will overcome it, don’t think we deserve to, or both.

The real danger is in not realizing our choice not to confront, to find a way to shine light and share good… Is actually a form of seeking ease, comfort, solace, normalcy, acceptance from the very thing that was wrong, the very worst place we could ever look: Outside of ourselves, away from God.

When we insulate ourselves, shelter ourselves, or outright retreat or run from a challenge we accept it through tolerance, and we dishonor and belittle ourselves by locking away and withholding our power. Worst of all, we leave whatever was wrong to fester, rot, and spread in ways we’ll never know or understand.

Suddenly, an attack however mild or severe becomes a perverted expression of caring for that which harms us. An unintentional, indirect way of prioritizing the wrong above love for ourselves as we try to ignore, enable, soothe, heal, or identify with it by failing to confront it and make it right.

By choosing not to rock the boat, stick out, be weird, be judged… By who?

There is no battle we can’t win. Only those we aren’t yet ready to fight.

Carefully and honestly question why you think you aren’t ready, and you might just find you were better prepared than you thought. We may never know who might be affected or changed by us standing up strong and the need is bigger than our circumstance.

Goodness, life, is not yours to regulate or ration according to your flaws and imperfections. Mostly because you’re perfect just the way you are. See how tricky that would get?

Every challenge deserves an extra look every time. When you put forth extra effort, an extraordinary faith, a miraculous grace will help you at your worst moment and make it the best time.

Not only will you win, you’ll be wiser and stronger for the next challenge.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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