21 Ways to grow and share true love.

You woke up this morning, which means there are at least three people who need you to actively show love instead of passively living. You, the person whose life you’ve impacted without realizing it, and the person they impact without realizing it.

Easy ways to show love:
1. Say it.
2. Mean it.
3. Share something that moved you, and explain why.
4. Remember, and remind others you are neither better nor worse than anyone else.
5. Remember and remind others that every second is a chance to think differently, act differently, live differently.
6. Admit a mistake. Learn the lesson.
7. Treat everyone you meet like they’re important because they are, and treating them like it means you are too.
8. Think so long before saying anything negative, you forget to say it altogether.
9. Let yourself feel joy.
10. Pray for God to fill others up. Don’t try to fill His shoes.
11. Pray for God to fill you up. Don’t try to fill His shoes.
12. Look hard for, only receive, and only give the truth.
13. Remember if it’s depressing, weak, scary, hopeless or limiting it’s a lie.
14. Remember truth is limitless, powerful, joyous, uplifting, exciting, and love-filled.
15 Remember dark never becomes less dark. There’s no such thing as a little bit wrong, a little bit bad. Bad turned all the way bad, all the way dark, is death.
16. Remember darkness fades in the light. Light makes dark disappear in its blinding radiance. There’s no such thing as a small light, a little bit right, a little bit good. Light turned all the way up, all the way good, is life.
17. Comfort someone without trying to fix what’s wrong.
18. Be happy for, proud of, inspired by someone.
19. Be thankful.
20. Trust in God completely, withholding nothing from Him, giving Him no half-truths, fake smiles, hidden agendas, hard-heart. Trust Him to hear your ugly truths, your fears, your anger, your sorrow, your inadequacies and love you MORE for sharing. He’s the ultimate love of your life and He already knows the truth of it all, He’s just waiting for you to be honest. When you release it, inviting Him in, He will rush in to save the day. He really can.
21. Listen.


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