Problem perspective: Relax and let challenges show off how awesome you are.

Problem perspective:  Relax and let challenges show off how awesome you are. 

A couple weeks ago, my awesome boyfriend shared his most recent, rather horrifying audition experience.  Mind you, I say he’s awesome not only because we’re all best friends forever and such mush…

He’s truly one of those people who just shines, especially when stuff gets truly dark.

Por ejemplo.

He’s talking about this crazy audition, and as he’s sharing the tale there’s nothing but peace, stillness and mild amusement in his attitude.

Apparently this audition was a hot mess, and the people running it were wildly flustered, way behind schedule.  He described how much he really wanted to just take the time to soothe their nerves, how frustrated he was that there’s not enough space for that in the audition process, and how encouraging he was anyway.

Yes, mind you: He’s the actor trying to book the job and he was more at ease than the casting directors were, wanting to help them out.

Then, he describes how the actual audition was rather clumsily setup: He and the other actor were to read into a camera from cue cards… That were in the opposite direction from the lens (the perfect set up for a tennis-match read).  And the cards didn’t show which actor was to read which line.

Unfazed, he plunged into his encouragement-fused audition, becoming a tad confused when the actor portraying his wife in the audition stumbled over the words.

He quickly realized from her hesitation and heavy accent, English wasn’t her first language.  Yep.  No matter: He turned up the charm, encouraging her as well…

And booked the job.

That entire mess could easily have contributed to the mindset of defeat, prideful judgment, or any number of other things…

Instead, because of who he is, and where he draws his peace and strength from, it was just another opportunity to shine, simply by being himself.

So today, I share another lesson learned:

Be careful of what you perceive to be a problem in your life.

The reality is, every challenge you face is a chance for you to overcome it.  And in overcoming it, a chance to show just how much more awesome you are in victory than you were before you faced that challenge.

Glory to glory.

The problems in our lives are God’s way of taking the spotlight into His hands and rewriting the script to show a glimpse of the greatness in you no ordinary audition can uncover.

Let Him work.

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”

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