What “praying for Oklahoma” means to me…

It’s not always clear what “I’ll pray for you” or “You’re in my prayers” means to everyone. 

This is what I’m Praying for Oklahoma means to me. 

We know who God is. We know that no matter how much lies seem to suggest otherwise, God is GOOD. We know that’s why it’s impossible for science to predict tornadoes, contain hatred or explain miracles and release love.

We know tragedy strikes, bad things happen. And when they do, there is no way to undo what’s been done. But there is deepening, strengthening, and growth in loss and pain. 

IN loss and pain. It’s easy to think the best way to help someone is to uplift them, encourage them to see the good in what happened. The hard reality is, we have to feel hurt and pain, we can’t skip past it. Grief is like a huge tractor, digging up mountains of earthen soil in a massive disruptive effort to clear a place for a great planting to be done. We can support that by standing with those who grieve, by mourning with them, by praying for them and holding them up when their knees buckle. Trying to push past the natural healing process is like opting out of the tractor process, and bringing in a big above ground bed to plant in. It limits the depth and growth God planned to release through the tragedy. 

So, as much as we know every sweet memory will be joyfully cherished;
As much as we know every joyous moment will be tearfully reflected on;
As much as we know we will hold every lost loved one in our hearts forever;
As much as we know we will live in deeper purpose, more powerful intention, more grateful posture for every second…

We also know everyone’s lives, our losses, our walk is our own and we are here to support and encourage each step forward. And even more, to surround our brothers and sisters when they crumple to the ground and lovingly watch over them until they can stand again. We know who God is: We know God is GOOD, and when we ask we receive. We know that we are the activation points for God’s work. We know this tragedy will not leave behind unhealed irreparable scars, but instead build powerful, indomitable strength. 

That’s what praying for Oklahoma means to me.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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