Transition: Allow acclimation.





Living a purposeful life is very much like a mountain climbing expedition.  You can’t just show up to Mt. Kilimanjaro one afternoon and go for it.  It takes careful planning, equipping, guidance, preparation and readiness or you’ll just die part way up.

The interesting thing about mountain climbing, and even scuba diving, is that along with taking obvious steps to survive, these endeavors literally cross atmospheres from start to finish.

The unseen environment is radically different, and you have to let your body adjust over time to survive the shift.

Basically, the weight of the air/ water grows lighter and thinner the higher you go.  But your body, is used to a much heavier, thicker atmosphere.

So if you just drop yourself into that new environment it will destroy you.

The same applies to our lives, when we’re going from one level to the next, whether that’s a new job, marriage, parenting, creative endeavor, entrepreneurship or emotional or spiritual break through.

Most folks are just lucky to recognize they’re in a transition at all.

Which is huge.

Sensitivity, flexibility, awareness, patience and willingness are all vital parts of navigating a transition successfully.  Most important is having a spiritual foundation of unwavering truth to depend on so you aren’t untethered while the world around you changes.

During all of that, be mindful that patience is needed not only for character building, but also literally to transform you.  To allow yourself to acclimate to the new level.  To adjust to the new atmosphere.  Rushing that process will literally crush you.

When you scuba dive or mountain climb you can check a handy atmospheric pressure gauge to see what’s going on as you ascend and measure your progress accordingly.

During life transitions, God is the only barometer, gauge and guide who can show you safely to a new level in life.  Pray, meditate, study scripture.  Surround yourself with others who do the same and depend on Him as you ascend so you can thrive at a new level.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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